Delaney Burgess recently posted a vlog as an Instagram Reel to take viewers step by step through her process of setting up for an open house. 

“Come with me today to set up for my open house in Dunkirk, Maryland.”

Naturally, while she’s doing this, she’s also taking viewers through scenes of the property and the immediate neighborhood. From one step to the next, we can’t help watching as she walks us through the steps she takes to prepare her client’s immaculate home for an open house. 

Take a look for yourself. And read on to see why we love this idea! 

Step 1: Positioning the signs (for maximum visibility)

After inviting the viewer to join her while she sets up her open house, we see Delaney outside putting signs in the ground to announce the open house and ensure visitors come to the right place. She hits a bit of a snag with one of her signs and shows how she rectifies it. 

“First things first. I have to set up all these open house directionals. I did not like where this one directional was, so I moved things around. And this actually takes, surprisingly, a lot more time than you’d think it would.” 

We watch as Delaney positions that directional, give it a look, and then replace it with another better suited to that spot. Then we see her position that first sign in a different location. 

Step 2: Opening the house and turning on the lights

Once the signs are in place, Delaney approaches the tidy and welcoming front porch. 

“Now, I’m getting ready to open the house and start turning on all the lights.” 

Of course, we get to see the lockbox. And once inside, we see Delaney flip on one set of lights after another as she takes us through her client’s home, pausing at the neatly staged dining room table.

Step 3: Check the back door view

At this point, while the camera is still focused on that magazine-worthy dining area, Delaney tells us she has to check out the view, which immediately gets us curious. 

“After all the lights are on, I have to go check out the view just to make sure it’s just as beautiful as the last time.”

Aside from sharing that view with her audience, making this a priority in her open house setup gives Delaney a chance to make sure there’s nothing in the backyard that could spoil the view. 

She slowly pans from the back patio door, showing us a relaxing view of the lake, with nothing else to draw the eye except for a pair of Adirondack chairs near the lakeshore. 

The word “oasis” comes to mind. 

Step 4:  Opening the doors

Now that she’s turned on all the lights and made sure her client’s home and back door view is ready for viewing, Delaney announces she’s ready to open the door, letting visitors know the open house has begun.

“Now that the lights are on, I’m opening the door, signaling everyone to come inside.”

At this point, we see her opening the door and are then treated to a slow, sweeping video of the home’s interior—taking us about 180 degrees before the camera turns back to Delaney. 

“At this point, I was sweating from running around everywhere, so I’m taking off my coat and getting ready to set everything else up.”

Again, Delaney is showing the viewer she’s human and relatable. She smiles as she shows the camera the papers she’s putting down on the countertop for visitors to see. 

Step 5: Setting up her workspace

Finally, as she waits for visitors to come in, Delaney prepares her workspace. 

“The last thing I’m doing is setting up my workplace for the day, clearing out a few items so I have a clear view of the front door to see who’s coming in. Happy Sunday!”

As we watch her gently move a few items and set up her laptop, we get the impression she’s done this before. And that, too, makes her more appealing to potential clients. 

3 Reasons we love this idea

We love Delaney’s open house setup vlog for three reasons: 

  1. It gives viewers a preview of her client’s property (something buyers will appreciate)
  2. It also showcases the work and thoughtfulness she puts into setting up a client’s open house (something sellers will appreciate)
  3. It gives viewers a sense of Delaney’s friendly and approachable personality, as well as some of her relatable experiences as a real estate agent (something both buyers and sellers can appreciate)

Delaney’s open house vlog is a great example of showcasing what you do for your open houses on social media. And we are here for it. 

So, what do you love about this approach? And what will you do differently for your next open house