We all know it’s coming: the inbox onslaught of generic holiday greetings and snowy scenes. But unless your audience consists solely of your grandma, that graphic with a “Happy Holidays” caption isn’t going to steal the spotlight.

Fortunately, people do care about connection with others, and they are in particularly good and generous moods during the holidays. This makes the holidays an excellent time to remind all of your clients that you exist—and more importantly, that you care about them. 

Here are three things you can do to stand out this December, all while nurturing your relationships with your clients. 

#1 Festive Party

Throwing a holiday bash allows for quality face time with your clients. Plus, they’re less likely to call another agent if you’re on friendly terms (though we all have that one friend…you know the type). 

When planning for a party, tailor the event to your niche. Whether it’s a formal dinner party with hors d’oeuvres and champagne, or a kid-friendly dinner with chili, chicken nuggets and mac ‘n’ cheese, make it something your people will want to attend. 

Don’t overthink this; even small gatherings at your home can work wonders. I personally love to host mini-events. Invite a few families over, cook or order pizza, and spend some quality time with everyone.  It’s my favorite way to stay in touch with my clients and friends. 

#2 Thoughtful Gifts

Show your clients some love with gifts that scream “I actually care.” Dropping them off creates another chance for that precious face time, and who doesn’t love a thoughtful gift?

Before I had kids, I went out of my way to thank my clients with gifts during the holidays. I literally learned how to make candles one year and dropped off about 30 homemade candles. I was careful to select the right recipients to make sure they would actually be appreciated. Another year, I delivered goodie bags, custom cookies (which I bought from another client for a double whammy), and high-end self-care items for all my mom friends. 

What might the people in your database enjoy or use? No one says no to a gift you went out of your way to create or customize for them. It will make them feel honored. 

#3 Send a Video Message

This is the easiest one because you won’t need to leave your house. Personal videos have been the future for a while, but not a lot of agents are actually sending them out. 

You can record a one-size-fits-all video and send it over email or text. That’s still better than your generic “Merry Christmas” message. 

But, your best option is to send a personalized video over Instagram! Your clients will love it! It shows you went the extra mile, makes them feel special and it’s fun! Don’t be shy about being on camera. These people already like you in real life, so just be yourself. It can just be a simple message such as:

“Hey Mark, I want to wish you a Happy [Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year, etc]! I’m thankful to have you as a client and friend. I loved catching up with you last week at [insert event]. As promised, I’m sending you that article about [subject]. Please say hi to your wife and kids and shall we schedule [insert event] for the 2nd week of January?”

The first time I recorded one I was so nervous I was almost sweating. Then I realized it was literally the easiest thing ever and I started having fun with this. It also helped that I got nice replies back from everyone. Trust me! You don’t even need to go into the subject of real estate (unless you have a reason to). Sometimes it’s okay to just be a person, not an agent. Hopefully, they already know you’re an agent by the rest of your Instagram content. 

Do at least one of these things this December to set yourself up for success in 2024!