NAR’s 2024 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report reveals that 71% of buyers and 81% of sellers contacted only one real estate agent before signing an agreement. 

These numbers are familiar to most agents, but take a moment to really think about them.

For a great number of people, a home is the most significant and expensive purchase they’ll ever make, so it makes sense, per the NAR trends report, that the median number of homes buyers compare before making an offer is seven or eight (depending on the buyer’s age). And yet, a significant majority (71%) will speak with only a single agent before deciding they’re the one they want to advise and guide them through the process. Similarly, an even a greater percentage of sellers (81%) will trust the first agent they contact to get the best price for their homes. That’s astonishing.

Given these numbers, it’s clear why agents must ensure that they remain in consistent and frequent contact with the prospects and clients in their databases—the former for new business and the latter for repeat business and referrals. Don’t, and you’ll be forgotten, passed over in favor of a competitor who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

But how often should you reach out? What’s too often, and what’s not often enough? And why exactly does it matter whether it’s once a month or twice a year?

Out of sight, out of mind

When a person or someone in their life needs an agent, they’re more likely to choose or refer one they already know and trust, which is why being the first (and preferably only) name that pops into their head is paramount to an agent’s success. It’s what being “top of mind” is all about.

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Currently, there are approximately two million active agents in the United States, of which about 78% are Realtors®. And even with the more recent decline in NAR’s membership, the real estate market remains undeniably competitive. (Personally, I think those who remain will represent a higher caliber of skill and professionalism, making competition even tougher.) 

With such a crowded space and agents vying for the attention of a limited pool of buyers and sellers (especially now), it’s super important to find ways to differentiate yourself. This is where frequent and consistent communication comes in. 

Real estate is a highly competitive industry, but maintaining a regular cadence of touchpoints with your clients will make you stand apart from the vast numbers of agents who don’t.

Beyond simply keeping you in front of your sphere, regular touchpoints offer a wide range of benefits. They allow you to build trust and rapport with potential clients while also fostering stronger relationships with current clients—which generates more leads and conversions as well as lucrative referrals from satisfied clients.

When you regularly reach out to have authentic conversations and demonstrate genuine interest in the needs of those in your database, you position yourself as a trusted advisor to be relied upon rather than just another salesperson. 

You can’t have too many touchpoints

Many agents fall into the trap of searching for a one-size-fits-all answer, asking, “How often should I be reaching out?” The truth is, even when you think you’ve got the right number, you should always do more. But there are two important qualifiers—you must also be consistent and provide value.

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Real estate agents sometimes worry that if they reach out to their sphere too often, they’ll only end up annoying or alienating them. Here’s what I’ll say about that: if you routinely offer genuine value, then rather than annoying your contacts, they’ll appreciate hearing from you.

In his book The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Gary Keller writes that agents should reach out to their clients 33 times a year; I like to suggest a minimum of 26 annual touchpoints, or about one touchpoint every two weeks. If you think those numbers are too high, you need to meet Brion Harris. I recently spoke at a Medicare conference where I told the audience that he touches his database 275 times a year—and he’s killing it!

That’s because each of Brion’s touchpoints, whatever it may be, provides quality information, proving that as long as you’re offering value, you don’t need to be concerned about giving too much.


If frequency is one side of the touchpoint coin, then the other is consistency.

Taking social media as an example, a problem I see again and again among real estate agents is they start off hot—some posting to social media six or more times a day. But it’s nearly impossible for busy agents to maintain that level of activity, so they eventually become sporadic while losing more and more of their following until they give up entirely.

Even agents with the best of intentions find it difficult to maintain a schedule of consistent communication with their sphere.

I see the same thing among agents who farm with postcards. They’ll send two or three mailings, and when they don’t get the results they hoped for, they stop. They don’t fully appreciate that brand recognition requires repeated exposure to a message over a period of time. And with postcards, I always advise our ReminderMedia clients to commit to mailing for at least a year before expecting any ROI.

The key to consistency is developing a “touchpoint cadence,” referring to the rhythm or frequency of your outreach, that allows you to send high-value information in a steady manner. And that brings me to my final topic . . .

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What should I send to my database?

If you struggle with what to send your database, you’re not alone—I get this question every time I host a webinar about marketing and building relationships with clients and prospects.

One of the first things I tell my audience, along with the clients I coach, is to emphasize quality over quantity. You can’t simply bombard your database with generic messages and expect them to stick; you must provide value with every touchpoint. Segmenting your database into potential, active, and past buyers, for example, will help you target content relevant to their stage in their real estate journey.

Supporting your sphere by providing value to its members will, over time, pay off in more repeat and referral business.

You can provide value by offering content that is educational, entertaining, and endearing—often referred to as the 3 E’s. Each type serves a different purpose:

  • Educational content is designed to teach your intended audience about topics relevant to real estate that they will find valuable. This type of content works well to establish you as an authority and, in turn, helps build trust. Examples include personalized market updates, curated property listings based on a specific client’s needs, local guides, and information about the buying and selling process. 
  • Entertaining content helps to spark audience engagement, whether it’s by commenting on something you posted to social media or even calling you to express their thanks for an enjoyable piece of direct mail. In addition to recipes, examples of entertaining content include instructions for DIY projects, home improvement tips, and a local sports team’s game schedule.
  • Endearing content encourages your database to like and admire you. For this category, I like to suggest to my clients that they share the good work they’re doing in the community to give back. If you sponsor a food or winter coat drive, assist with a pet adoption event, or volunteer to clean up the local park, don’t keep it a secret! Spread the word through your marketing channels to connect with those interested in working with someone who cares rather than someone just looking for their next transaction. 

Do you struggle to come up with content?

Even though agents know how important it is to the long-term success of their businesses, many grapple with how to regularly generate content to share with their databases. It’s why my company, ReminderMedia, provides a number of top-quality, automated marketing products, including best-in-class personally branded magazines that we routinely mail to our clients’ list of clients every two months.

Branded to you in six key locations, each 48-page coffee-table-quality issue is filled with engaging articles and beautiful images. Two Tear Out Cards are included that you can customize to the interests of specific clients, and you can personalize the letter on the Inside Front cover down to the individual recipient—both at no additional cost. And these magazines make following up with your recipients super easy, giving you an organic reason to start a conversation by calling and asking, Are you enjoying your gift subscription to my magazine?

Next steps

You’ve heard it said that real estate is a contact sport—the more contacts and conversations you have, the better you set up your business for long-term success. By implementing an automated touchpoint strategy where you provide consistent, valuable content, you can stay connected with your database, nurture relationships, and garner more repeat and referral business.

The more people you can meet and speak with, the better you set up your business for long-term success.

Regardless of whether you decide to try our best-in-class personally branded magazines, you need to find a way to regularly reach out to your database with quality content that works to keep you top of mind. Start by establishing a cadence for your touchpoints, being realistic about how much time you can spend nurturing relationships with those in your database. You want to be as omnipresent as possible, so include in your schedule writing emails, sending direct mail, and posting and responding to social media. (At ReminderMedia, we can help with all this too.) And don’t overlook the importance of making your calls to follow up.

If you find that your reach exceeds your grasp, book a call with one of our marketing advisors to see how we can help.

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