Let’s assume you’ve done everything right to farm your area. 

You started by conducting research to pick the best farm for your goals—you identified your niche, confirmed there are a sufficient number of homes, calculated the turnover rate, and determined what the competition among other agents might be. 

Then you created a message that is clear with a solid CTA, and now you’re mailing homeowners at least once a month (or more).

Most importantly, you’ve been patient because you know farming is a long-term game. And yet, the results you’re getting from your campaigns still aren’t what you had hoped for. So what’s the problem? 

It could be that the issue is rooted in the type of postcards you’re sending.

The critical mistake agents make when farming with postcards

It’s absolutely appropriate for agents like yourself to mail postcards that are direct solicitations for business. However, if that is the only type you’re sending, or even the majority, then you’re severely limiting the value and potential of your campaigns.

Real estate is a relationship-based business, so in addition to attracting new leads, your postcards should help promote brand awareness and establish you as the trusted agent in your community. The best kinds of these feature content that satisfies the 3 E’s—it educates, entertains, and endears. 

Beyond the sales pitch: the 3 E’s of content

In addition to postcards that establish your credibility as a professional agent and serve as overt pitches for business, your campaigns should include a mix of postcards that reflect the 3 E’s.

Educational content teaches your audience about subjects relevant to real estate and other interests they find valuable. This type of content works well to portray you as an authority and, in turn, build trust.

Entertaining content captures the interest of your prospects by providing amusing, engaging, and enjoyable content. To hit the mark with this type of content, consider your dream clients and tailor your topics to common threads that resonate with their lives, such as delicious eats, travel adventures, furry friends, family fun, or must-see local spots. 

Endearing content is especially effective when it reflects the values your audience generally holds dear, including family, kindness, generosity, and compassion. Such postcards demonstrate that you aren’t just an agent focused solely on the next transaction but a business owner with a larger purpose.

5 real estate postcards that make an impact

I advise our clients to plan campaigns that include 20% business-oriented postcards and 80% educational, entertaining, and endearing ones. The five categories below illustrate an effective real estate marketing mix—one that captures your farm’s attention, engages them on multiple levels, and builds your reputation as a knowledgeable and trustworthy agent. 

1. Agent introduction

Agent introduction postcard

An easy way to establish yourself as a credible agent is with a well-written, professionally designed postcard that introduces you to your farm. Such postcards should include the usual information (name, contact info, etc.) as well as what makes you different from other agents, such as your unique value proposition.

2. Just sold/Just listed/Open house

Just Sold postcard

Postcards that publicize your success build confidence in your expertise and ability to help homeowners sell their homes. Use this kind of card for circle prospecting—a targeted lead generation strategy to reach those within a radius around the home you’re selling or just sold.

3. Educational

Homebuyer tips postcard

You have an abundance of topics from which you can choose when creating educational postcards. The goal is for the included information to be valuable enough that your recipients would be inclined to save and refer to it when needed. Examples include:

  • Top 5 healthy snack foods
  • First-time homebuyer’s tips
  • How to be safe in the kitchen
  • How to create a home budget
  • Plants to avoid if you have pets
  • Best projects to increase curb appeal
  • Important seasonal home maintenance
  • Ideas for eco-friendly holiday decorations
  • How to lower your homeowner’s insurance premium

You can also mail postcards offering a free CMA or PEAR—everyone is curious about their home’s value. Order from ReminderMedia, and we’ll include a QR code on your postcard that links to your free landing page, allowing you to capture leads’ contact information. And even if a recipient doesn’t complete the form, we can still capture their contact information for you!

4. Entertaining

Football schedule postcard

Holiday fun, sports schedules, DIY projects, recipes, and community events are only a few of the many possibilities for entertaining postcard content. Don’t be surprised if your recipients share these cards (and your branding) with their friends and family—they’re that enjoyable and useful!

5. Endearing

 Food drive postcard

A postcard featuring your sponsorship of a food drive or your team volunteering at a charitable event elevates public perception of your image—and, by extension, your business—as thoughtful, selfless, and caring. I also include holiday postcards in this category, but don’t just stick to Christmas and Thanksgiving. Stand out by sending a postcard celebrating Labor Day, Independence Day, or even National Ice Cream Day. The more unexpected a touchpoint, the more impressive and memorable it will be.

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ReminderMedia Selection of postcards

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