BAM Key Details: 

  • HubSpot released its list of the top 27 TikTok brands of 2023—and one of them is a  real estate team. 
  • Here we explore whether TikTok is worth your time as a marketer, how to improve your chances of going viral, and how HEIDER Real Estate is dominating the platform. 

Whatever you think is the likely fate of TikTok in this country, this platform has only grown in popularity since its arrival—especially among Gen Zers but increasingly among older generations, too. 

And if you, as an agent marketing your real estate brand, want to get started without reinventing the wheel, HubSpot has some tips, along with a list of the top 27 brands on TokTok in 2023

One of those 27 brands is a real estate team—tucked in with the likes of massive national and international brands like ESPN, Netflix and Fenty Beauty. 

BAM first wrote about HEIDER Real Estate last October, detailing why this team is killing it on TikTok. Daniel Heider, CEO and founder of the HEIDER, has even been dubbed “the Hugh Hefner of mansion porn.” 

So, how do you get that kind of virality with your TikTok videos? And is it really worth it to invest marketing time and money in a platform that might be banned in the U.S.?

HEIDER seems to think so—as do the other 26 brands on the list. Let’s see why. 

Marketing on TikTok

Put aside for the moment all the noise about a TikTok ban. There’s no denying the popularity and influence of this platform. With its newbie-friendly algorithm, TikTok brands don’t need a large following to see one of their videos go viral

That makes it easier for brands new to TikTok to make a splash with their target audience—if they know what they’re doing. It also makes it even harder for brands on the fence to dismiss this platform as a “fad.” 

Here are the three best ways marketers can leverage TikTok: 

  1. Influencer Marketing—because influencers have a deep, symbiotic relationship with the platform and can turn stiff or boring brand messages into fun, creative content. 
  2. Original Content—especially content that replicates or recreates a current trend (something you know people are already engaging with). 
  3. Paid Ads—powered by TikTok For Business, these allow you to build brand awareness through in-feed ads or to create branded hashtags and video effects. 

With its steady year-to-year growth and increasing popularity, it’s no mystery why over half (53%) of marketers using TikTok plan to not only keep using it but to increase their investment in 2023. That percentage of users staying and investing more is the highest of any platform. 

By the end of 2022, TikTok had 1.6 billion users worldwide. And that number is expected to reach 1.8 billion by the end of 2023. 

So, while TikTok may not convert as many real estate leads as YouTube or Instagram, if you’re keen to build brand awareness, and you know how to create addictive short-form videos (or you’re willing to learn how), this is as good a time as any to get started. 

As you’ll see from HubSpot’s list of the top 27 brands on TikTok—and their explanations for each—those who want to get serious traction on the platform need to get creative with their content. You’ll need more than a scattering of ads and sponsored influencer endorsements. 

This is why it pays to explore what’s working for other real estate brands. 

The 27 best brands on TikTok

Here are all 27 brands that made HubSpot’s top 27 list for 2023: 

    1. WWE
    2. Overtime
    3. ESPN
    4. The NBA
    5. Netflix
    6. Fenty Beauty
    7. Dunkin’
    8. Chipotle
    9. Gymshark
    10. The Washington Post
    11. San Diego Zoo
    12. Duolingo
    13. Crocs
    14. Scrub Daddy
    15. HEIDER Real Estate
    16. Squishmallows
    17. Teen Vogue
    18. GoPro
    19. e.l.f.
    20. Levi’s
    21. Marvel
    22. Planet Money
    23. Taco Bell
    24. We’re Not Really Strangers
    25. Ryanair
    26. Crunchyroll
    27. NASCAR

Why HEIDER Real Estate made the list

There’s more than one reason why HEIDER Real Estate reached the top 27. 

HEIDER’s videos—showcasing luxury homes for sale in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia region—get thousands of views and feature breathtaking edits of each home’s interior and exterior. Offering the average viewer a dazzling peek into the world of the 1%, these videos have a number of features that make TikTok users stop scrolling and watch—multiple times: 

  • Multi-million dollar properties 
  • A mix of wide shots, close-ups, and speedy walkthroughs
  • Catchy music that sets the mood 
  • Fast-paced and high-quality videos under 60 seconds (with many under 15)
  • Collaborations with influencers
@heider_realestate A Full Potomac House Tour in 55 Seconds - Offered for $3,695,000. #maryland #newhouse #tour #rhop ♬ Dandelions (slowed + reverb) - Ruth B. & sped up + slowed

HEIDER’s TikTok account has 3.4 million followers, while its Instagram account has 130,000. 

HubSpot’s biggest takeaway from HEIDER is that brands need to create a unique style of video editing that fits their brand—and to use that style consistently in every post. 

Tips for brands new to TikTok

If you’re eager to get started creating a TikTok strategy for your real estate brand, here are a few tips HubSpot has gained by watching brands already thriving on the platform: 

  • Show a different side of your brand. TikTok users appreciate both creativity and humor in branded videos. Try using a more personal tone and offer a peek behind the scenes to make your brand more relatable and to build trust with your audience. 
  • Don’t be afraid to flop. Experiment with different styles and approaches to see which ones get the best engagement. Try the things that are working for other marketers on the platform and find out what works best for you. 
  • Engage with your audience! This cannot be overstressed. Engagement is a two-way street. Post content that gives your audience a reason to engage—and interact with those who do. 
  • Don’t be afraid to market your services BUT use a creative approach. Find a way to add value and give your audience a reason to DM you for the answer to a question, for key information on their local market, or for a free and value-packed downloadable gift. 
  • Don’t be afraid to collab with other brands or with influencers in the industry. The power of word-of-mouth advertising from brands already dominating TikTok can do beautiful things for your brand awareness. Just remember that relevance is more important than reach. Stick with niche micro-influencers with a similar audience. 

Joining TikTok gives your brand an opportunity to get in front of younger audiences. Gen Z is already buying homes—some as primary residences, some as rental properties. This is one audience you don’t want to sleep on. 

Inject some fun into your TikTok marketing strategy to capitalize on the platform’s playful environment and show the human side of your real estate brand. 

Takeaways for real estate agents

TikTok users want exciting content from brands that care about what they like. So, while Instagram is still a better platform for building a community, and YouTube for converting leads, TikTok gives you a better shot at going viral—even when you’re new and just finding your feet. 

Focus on creating and engaging with your audience. Make your real estate content on TikTok something your audience will want to watch again and again.