The HEIDER real estate team dominates TikTok, and it’s no surprise that their luxury homes have amassed over 50 million likes.

The team’s popularity results from consistently keeping a finger on the pulse of various trends and utilizing every luxurious amenity at their disposal. Essentially, they’ve gone above and beyond every TikTok tip to go viral.

Daniel Heider, CEO and Founder of HEIDER, has been dubbed the Hugh Hefner of mansion porn—and it’s easy to see why. Here’s what the team is doing to maintain its growing TikTok audience of over 3 million.

Luxury Properties

If there’s one thing HEIDER knows how to do, it’s luxury.

The home tours posted on TikTok don’t stop with multi-million dollar properties. Many of their top-performing videos include designer-clad models pulling up in Lamborghinis or Ferraris. They consistently portray the lifestyle of the 1% that most people can only dream of, but that’s the point.

HEIDER uses its access to luxury properties that most will likely never get to experience, and it keeps viewers coming back. 

Trending Sounds

According to TikTok, 88% of users say sound is essential to the TikTok experience. 

HEIDER consistently uses the most trending sounds as a background to its videos, and it’s paying off big time. While the high quality of the videos definitely affects the performance of their content, trending sounds, without a doubt, help push their videos to a wider audience.

Fast-Paced and High-Quality

HEIDER wastes no time leading its audience through different listings. Most videos featured on their TikTok are under 30 seconds and, thanks to professional videography and editing, are easy to watch (and rewatch).

While mega-mansions could easily take hours to tour, HEIDER’s videos often focus on just one or two jaw-dropping features of each property, leaving followers wanting more. 

Seriously, take a look at this 11-second video and tell me you don’t want to see the rest of this estate.


Lamborgini, Ferrari, and TikTok Influencers are just a few of the collaborations HEIDER invests in when marketing its properties.

Here’s one with musician @Andrew Savoia for a broker’s event:

@heider_realestate An epic collaboration with @Andrew Savoia for a gangsta broker’s event at our $9,997,000 listing in McLean, VA📍#cellistsoftiktok #mansion #luxuryrealestate ♬ Gangsta's Paradise - Andrew Savoia & Ben Hoyt

HEIDER even threw a special pride event this past June, which not only marketed the listing to a wide audience but allowed them to show their support of the LGBTQ+ community without using a stale brokerage graphic:

Agent Takeaways

Even if you don’t specialize in luxury real estate, there’s a lot you can emulate for your own social media marketing:

  • Super short-form: Mix in some videos that are under 15-seconds. Give just enough to capture the viewer’s attention without giving everything away.
  • High-quality: If you don’t have the budget for a professional videographer, that’s ok. You can still invest in a decent camera and editing tools to up the quality of your videos.
  • Sounds that enhance video: Trending sounds can definitely make an impact on your TikTok performance. But always make sure the mood of the sound matches the video.