So, you have a Reel you want to post to TikTok—or a TikTok to post to Reels—and you have no idea what to do. Do you just download it to your phone? Or do you post it without changing anything? 

How do you post your vertical videos on both TikTok and Instagram (not to mention YouTube) without provoking the ire of either platform? 

TikTok to Reels

If you don’t already know, posting your TikTok to Reels with the watermark is a bad idea. Instagram hates TikTok. Instagram is terrified of TikTok and is trying to beat TikTok. They don’t want you promoting content bearing the watermark of their #1 competitor. 

Let’s talk cropping first. You could just download the video straight to your camera roll and crop it. But, as you see, TikTok anticipated this move by plastering a flashing logo on both the bottom and the top. 

So, cropping is probably not the best option if it’s a full vertical video, as it will cut off the top and bottom, drastically changing the dimensions. 

TikTok downloader app: SaveTik

The best option I have found is to use a TikTok downloader app that removes the watermark for you. My favorite one is SaveTik. You can download the app or just go to their browser, copy-paste that URL, and download it straight to your phone. 

This way, you can return to all your favorite TikToks and turn them into Reels without that insufferable watermark. 

Getting your audio in sync

If you do download a TikTok and post it to Reels, the timing might be slightly off on Instagram if you’re doing a lip sync or something where the audio is really important. Sometimes, it’s just not perfect if you use an app like SaveTik. 

Your best option here is to always record the vertical video on your phone first, not the apps. Then upload them separately so you can use the feature of each one organically. 

Instagram Reels to TikTok

Like TikTok, Instagram Reels also have a brutal watermark. So, you could download that and post it to TikTok. But, like Instagram, TikTok does not look kindly on content bearing the watermark of one of its competitors. 

The good thing about the Reels logo, though, is that it is a little easier to crop since it’s just at the bottom (not top and bottom like TikTok). You can save this to your camera roll and edit it out like a normal video. But then, it’s not full-size, and you might cut something off. 

The best way to get your Reel to your camera roll is to download it to your phone before you even post it. When the Reel is edited and ready to post, click that download button, and it’ll go straight to your camera roll. 

Adding music to your video

If you have added music, the video will not download with the audio. The original audio will be fine, but your song will not be included. 

This can be a good thing because if TikTok has that same audio, it’s best to attach it organically on the app, anyway. 

The Repost app

What if you already posted your Reel? 

That solution is a little more complicated. Like I said before, you can download it straight from the app and crop it. But you might run into some issues. 

What I like to do is use an app called the Repost app, where you simply copy-paste the Instagram URL, remove the watermark, and download it straight to your camera roll. 

This is what I use for all my Reels when I post them to TikTok. But we do run into the same issue with timing. Anytime you use one of these third-party apps, the audio might be a few milliseconds off when you post it to TikTok. 

So, your best option, again, is always to download it to your phone before you post. 

Use some of each app’s native features

When I post a fully-edited TikTok to Reels or a Reel to TikTok, I still like to use something organically within the app when I post, whether it’s a sticker, new audio, or even just a new caption. 

This makes it seem like I’m using the app’s features and I’m not just uploading something from a third party. I’ve been told this can help with engagement. 

Best option for recording and editing 

Remember, the best option is to record the vertical video on your phone and edit it separately within each app before you post it. That way, you have the file, there’s no watermark, and you can use each app’s editing and video to get the best engagement. 

Plus, it’s scary to save drafts. I’ve worked on Reels for hours and had them disappear because my phone’s storage is too high, and it just logs me off the app. 

Having the original file on your camera roll is the safest and easiest option for your vertical videos on Instagram, TikTok, Reels, and Shorts. 


To recap, the goal is to get the videos from the apps and onto your camera roll without the watermarks. But if you’ve already posted your TikTok, copy the link and use the SaveTik app to download it. 

And if you’ve already posted your Reel, use the Repost app to save it without the watermark. 

If you haven’t posted the Reel, save it to your camera roll first. 

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