BAM Key Details:

  • The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee voted on Wednesday to give President Biden the power to ban TikTok. 
  • This comes after Monday’s announcement that federal agencies have 30 days to delete the Chinese-owned app from all government-issued devices. 

The bill to ban TikTok just got a whole lot closer to reality. 

On Monday, The White House announced that federal agencies have 30 days to delete TikTok and any app from its parent company, ByteDance, from all government-issued devices.

And on Wednesday, the House panel approved a bill that gives President Biden the power to go through with a TikTok ban—along with other apps considered security risks.

Will TikTok really be banned?

Votes from the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee came in 24 to 16 on Wednesday, giving Biden authority to ban the app owned by ByteDance. 

Representative Michael McCaul stated, “Anyone with TikTok downloaded on their device has given the CCP (Communist Party of China) a backdoor to all their personal information. It’s a spy balloon into their phone.”

While the vote passed, Democrats say it was a rushed decision. And there are several unknowns—including exactly how a ban would work, other apps that could be affected, and whether or not the Biden administration is in favor of moving ahead with the bill. 

What we do know it could prevent anyone in the United States from using TikTok. 

Does a TikTok ban affect your real estate business?

A ban will certainly hurt for anyone who has spent the past couple of years building a following on the platform. But large audiences on TikTok are often filled with people from across the globe, not engaged buyers and sellers in your community. 

So if your primary goal of creating content is to connect with consumers in your local market, you don’t have to be TikTok famous.

It’s also important to remember that relying too heavily on any single platform is risky. You never know when a hack or a ban could wipe out all the work you’ve put into your content. 

By sharing valuable content and engaging with consumers on various channels, you can establish connections and build trust with people in your local market. So while a TikTok ban may be a setback, prioritize the things you know make a difference:

In short, prioritize the plays that work. In doing so, you can ensure your business is resilient to any potential disruptions in the future.