BAM Key Details:

  • HubSpot’s Social Media Trends 2023 Report conducted a survey to reveal the types of content that are most effective right now.
  • Relatable content offers the most ROI, according to the report.

You know social media is an essential tool to reach and engage with consumers in your market. 

But with so much noise on social platforms, it can be a challenge to create content that stands out and delivers results. HubSpot’s latest research dives into the types of social media content that are most effective—as well as the content that is most likely to deliver the biggest ROI. 

Here are some of the findings from HubSpot’s Social Media Trends 2023 Report, along with examples of content that is working for real estate agents. 

Most Effective Types of Social Media Content

So what’s the most effective type of social media content? HubSpot surveyed over 1,000 social media marketers to find out.  According to the report, the top five most effective types of social media content are:

  1. Funny – 66%
  2. Relatable – 63%
  3. Trendy – 59%
  4. Authentic / behind the scenes – 59%
  5. Interactive content – 56%

Social Media Content that Produces the Biggest ROI

Even better than engaging content is content that attracts leads. 

When it comes to the type of content that produces the biggest ROI on social media, HubSpot’s research team found the top six types of content are:

  1. Relatable – 16%
  2. Trendy (cultural moments, news stories) – 15%
  3. Educational/informational content – 14%
  4. Interactive content (polls, games, AR, etc.) – 13%
  5. Funny content – 12%
  6. Content that reflects your brand’s values – 12%

7 Types of Social Media Content to Create in 2023

Based on the survey findings, HubSpot revealed seven types of social media content to focus on right now. Of course, you don’t have to force all of these types. Focus on a few that feel the most authentic to you, and don’t be afraid to test out something new!

#1 – Relatable Content

Gone are the days of overly perfectly curated content—viewers want something they can relate to. And not only is relatable content more engaging, but it offers the biggest ROI.

You know what this means: it’s time to ditch the content created solely for other real estate agents and start relating to the consumers in your market. Taya DiCarlo does this on a consistent basis with her series, “Taya’s 2 Cents.”

Brooks Landry’s “What Buyers Want” is another example of a series that speaks to consumers. The videos are quick, engaging, and always end with his catchphrase. Plus, he packs in more value in the caption:

#2 – Behind-the-scenes Content

Everyone loves a peek behind the scenes. Showcase what happens in your day-to-day, whether you are at the office, on listing appointments, hosting an open house or writing up contracts. 

This type of content is perfect for creating engaging Stories, but it can also be compiled together as a Reel. And if you really want to keep it relatable, go easy on the editing. 

Byron Lazine gives a glimpse into his Hot Sheet setup almost every morning:

social media content

#3 – Memes and Funny Content

People love to laugh. So if you are funny by nature, use that to your advantage on social media. 

Once again, pay attention to your target audience. If a meme or joke is at the expense of a client, it likely won’t land well with other consumers. The Broke Agent is the king of memes for real estate agents, while Dan Oneil added some humor (and a trending show) to this listing video:

#4 – Interactive Content

The easiest way to create interactive content is by using polls in your Stories. Ask people to vote or answer a question to automatically boost your engagement—and possibly start a few conversations in your DMs.

Chinatti Realty makes it easy for viewers to interact with a series of “This or that?” posts in their Stories:

social media content

#5 – Educational Content and News Stories

This type of content is especially important in real estate right now. The housing market is changing on a daily basis, making it difficult for the average consumer to have what they need to make informed decisions. 

Use green screen mode to discuss articles relevant to your market or simply jump on camera to answer some of your most-asked questions of the week. Here’s Tom Toole delivering value on one of the most talked-about news topics of the year:

#6 – Content that reflects your brand values

As a real estate agent, you can interview locals that are committed to improving the neighborhood. Or, simply create content that highlights the things most important to you: pictures of your family, organizations that you support, or your team culture. 

 Even a quick recap of a team meeting can do the trick, like the One Team did here:

#7 – Trendy Content

There’s a reason trendjacking works. Trendy content doesn’t necessarily mean using trending audio (most platforms are leaning toward original audio these days). Instead, focus on recapping timely topics that matter to the people in your local community. 

Paige Steckling always blends trends with value—just look at this Reel, which speaks directly to buyers: 

While all of these types of content can be effective, it’s important to note that you won’t find success with each one. The key is to focus on the types of content that feel authentic to your brand and resonate with your audience. Continuously experiment with new types of content to see what works and what doesn’t.

By staying up-to-date with social media trends and making content that is relatable for your target audience, you can create a powerful social media presence that drives engagement, builds brand awareness, and ultimately, helps you achieve your business goals.