In 2017, Amy Stockberger set out on a mission to develop a model that would keep her real estate clients for LIFE. 

What started as a VIP Club™ for her clients turned into a multi-layered model called Lifetime Home Support™ (LHS)—and it has helped her teamerage dominate the market. 

In a recent BAM interview, Amy Stockberger joined Byron Lazine to share how Lifetime Home Support helped her grow her business to the #1 team in South Dakota, where it averages 10% of market share. 

And unlike many teams, hers doesn’t spend the majority of its time chasing cold leads day after day. About 80% of its business comes from repeat business and client referrals. 

A Shift in the Industry

As Byron pointed out, it’s not a question of “if” the industry will change as a result of commission lawsuits and settlements; it’s already changing. 

And Stockberger knows exactly what it will take to leverage those shifts to grow a thriving service business in the real estate space. 

The landscape of the industry as we know it—the way so many listening right now have been brought up and trained for decades—is flipping.

Byron Lazine

Stockberger learned firsthand that the best way to profit from that flip comes down to being there for the client as what she calls “the lifetime support partner.” 

I needed to figure out a way to keep my clients for life, which meant taking care of them before, during, and after (the transaction). Because we know that the before and after is oftentimes more important if not as important as that ‘during’ part….

Amy Stockberger

Click on the video below to hear the full conversation.


02:11 Lifetime advocate vs. transactional agent

05:10 Creating a new business model to keep clients for life

07:10 Leveraging your sphere’s sphere (Turn 1 client into 5) 

08:25 First step to Lifetime Home Support

10:32 How to monetize a moving truck

12:33 Lead gen the non-profit you give back to

13:45 80% of our business is repeat and referrals

15:55 “We are teaching our agents the wrong thing…”

16:36 Adding to the Lifetime Home Support model 

18:38 Millennials want amenities and convenience

20:19 Consumers see the value and ask “How much more does that cost?”

23:08 Adding discount services from national brands 

25:00 Amy’s Crown Jewel: How she monetizes being a super connector

33:00 B2B opportunities

35:50 This will change how agents run their businesses

36:50 Whoever is closest to the consumer wins

39:00 Multiple layers of service

41:15 Gaining over 10% market share

42:41 Retaining your agents

45:52 Surround yourself with people who are solving the problem for a lifetime experience

Learn more about Lifetime Home Support here.