Can you instantaneously describe your brand identity? If it’s “I love HGTV and helping people,” please take this as official notice get to work on your brand. 

You must know who you are—and who you are talking to. This is especially when it comes to what you want to push out on social media, where everything is a highlight reel, where everything is strategically curated to show people in the best way. You must be intentional and uniquely you to bring an authentic brand to life online. Doing this well is how you’ll stand out in a sea of real estate agents. 

So, how do you do that? 

Let’s start by taking a step back. To start you need to have a consistent brand identity that covers your expertise, your market, and your personality. For reference, I have four buckets of content: 

  • Local content 
  • Knowledge broker content
  • Social proof content
  • Branding content

Mix up your content styles but keep these brand identity buckets consistent. The real secret sauce is when you get pieces of content that cover multiple buckets, but more on that later. 

Today I’ll walk you through how I incorporate one of my buckets: branding. 

Developing Your Brand Identity

Understanding where my personality and interests overlap with what draws people to my market is a serious cheat code. Sticking to what I actually believe in and being intentional with what I share is how I show up online the same way I show up in real life. Do you know who appreciates when you show up in real life the same way you show up online? Everyone. 

Your audience craves realness and vulnerability over pretend perfection. Also, the authenticity trend is making those cringey self-centered videos that that agent in your market clearly made for themselves overly transparent. Don’t be that agent. 

I am not preaching that I am some kind of Instagram savant. I am not. However, I show up with undeniable realness and the person on the other side of the conversation can tell. If you’re in the business of selling real estate, executing an intentional plan that is authentically you is how you build trust with strangers, find your tribe, and win on social. For me, it looks like this;

My branding content bucket is broken down into four subcategories: 

  • Being a mom
  • Boating
  • Golf
  • Exploring nature 

These subcategories achieve a few things; it allows me to share my interests with the audience, it invites the audience to envision themselves having the same lifestyle and it allows me to overlap these activities with my real estate content as these are all attractive features of my market that draw people here. 

Here is a glimpse into how I highlight these categories to attract clients and connect with my audience. 

Mom Life

Families move to my market for a high quality of life, full of endless entertainment options for kids. I have the insider information on what to do in my town with young kids, what neighborhoods and schools are the best options, and I can offer a glimpse into what life in Jupiter, FL, can look like for a family exploring the idea of moving here. 

My kids do cute stuff every day, but unless I can relate it to one of my branding subcategories or something related to real estate, I’m not sharing it. I focus on telling stories about being a mom and highlighting local kid-centric or kid-friendly businesses. I intentionally limit them on social because first and foremost I am running a busines. Also, they are 3, 4 and 6 years old and I already feel that the days of sharing those sweet faces are coming to an end.

Photos of family always earn the hearts and there’s nothing wrong with that, but the ones that show the reality of managing a busy family and a thriving business hit much better. I call my kids feral in this one, and people really appreciate the candor. Getting real on social with how spirited my kids are makes me relatable. (If you have kids, you know “spirited” means completely nuts.) 


My market is Jupiter, FL. We have some of the most pristine waterways and boating is a really big deal. As you can imagine, the boating lifestyle is a large draw to the area and it’s one of the most beautiful ways to see the town. 

My target client has, or at least plans to have, a boat. I relish the opportunity to show off the boating culture of my market. Most of my boating-related content overlaps with my knowledge broker content as I educate the audience on waterfront properties or neighborhoods that have community boat docks. 

Another successful campaign I have been running is following a bridge construction project. Over the last year when the project began, I have done 7 updates and those videos have over 70K views. Here’s the latest one:  


I love golf and the culture that comes along with it. Golf has a lot to do with the significant growth that my market has seen over the last decade. Tiger Woods moved to Jupiter, FL in 2010 and really put us on the map. Today, golf is engrained in our community, countless professionals live and play here, and my ideal client plays golf. 

My content highlights local golf events, golf courses and a charity golf tournament I host for the nonprofit I support. Here is an easy one anyone can recreate:


I thought when I started using social media in my business I should stick to boating and the beach (when you live somewhere with Bahama blue waterways and a stunning coastline, the woods don’t get their fair share of attention). 

Boy was I wrong. I started a “Get outdoors” campaign highlighting local parks and natural areas and the response has been shocking. Countless people have told me how I am the one that introduced them to their now favorite park, and I have gotten a come list me call because of this campaign. Here is the latest one:

I’m also a huge ambassador for our local wildlife sanctuary, and I push a lot of content related to this organization. It is a passion of mine as well as an organization I support philanthropically. I highly recommend aligning yourself with a nonprofit you are passionate about. It will grow your network, make you feel good and creates impactful content. Here’s an example:

The common denominator here is that all four of these categories are authentically me. People fall flat when they create content that they think the audience wants to see. For example, if you don’t drink coffee, don’t make a video about the local coffee shops, because people can see right through it. 

Lean into the things that you enjoy about your town. Invite potential clients into your world, not just as a real estate agent but as a community member sharing the lifestyle and tapping into your insider information. Remember, the key is to stay true to your personality. Your authenticity is your most powerful asset, and it’s what will ultimately attract and retain an audience.