Imagine someone calling you to list their home simply because they support the same local cause you do. 

The pros of standing behind a great cause and giving back are priceless from a personal fulfillment perspective. But giving back to your community is not just a noble act; it can be a smart business strategy that opens new doors, resonates with your clients’ values, and boosts your brand’s presence. This alignment not only shows your commitment to the community but also positions your business as socially responsible and in tune with the values of potential clients. 

This can be a significant differentiator in today’s world, where consumers increasingly prefer businesses that contribute positively to society. Today, we will dig into three practical ways to align your business with a non-profit organization to expand your local impact.

Leveraging Social Media

Creating local spotlight content pieces is an amazing way to become the go-to local expert and leads to deeper connections with your audience. This strategy is easily elevated when you highlight local organizations that align with your values.

Don’t overthink this. Three simple content examples include: 

  • a quick video walkthrough tour
  • promotion of an upcoming event
  • a talking head style video explaining why you support the organization. 

You can take this a step further and ask the organization what messages they want to relay to the community and incorporate that. 

Organize a Supply Drive

One thing charitable organizations need is supplies! Whether you’re supporting a food bank, animal shelter, or a sanctuary for newborn babies, there are unlimited items that they will find helpful. There are many ways you can collect supplies—here are three supply drive ideas you can start executing today.

1. Happy Hour for a Cause

Host a happy hour and have the cost of entry be a supply donation. Call your favorite bar or restaurant and ask to hold the event there. You’ll likely score a discounted drink rate for attendees in exchange for a little bit of social media love or crediting the donation as a joint venture. All you need to do is promote the supply drive in advance, have a collection box at the door and enjoy the company. 

2. Donation Bag Drops

This one is a winner for tapping into your geographical farm. Start by making phone calls and sending a mailer notifying the neighbors of the upcoming supply drive, including a little about the non-profit you are supporting. 

Then, drop the donation bags off to all the neighbors. These can be basic plastic shopping bags or, to make an impactful impression, invest in branded reusable donation bags. Make sure to include a supply list with clear, easy-to-follow instructions for participation. When collection day rolls around, you’ll collect and donate the supplies and end the event with a gracious handwritten thank-you note to all the participants. 

3. Social Media Campaign

Imagine this as a virtual version of the donation bag drop, geared towards engagement with your local sphere of influence. You can run a multi-day story campaign promoting the supply drive with clear instructions for participation. Either choose to collect the donations yourself by having the participants leave items outside their front door on a specified day or have a central drop location (either the non-profit or a central local business that also supports the cause). You can also incorporate a giveaway to the biggest contributor to sweeten the deal.


Volunteering offers invaluable benefits for integrating your business with a non-profit organization. By dedicating your time and effort, you become a familiar and consistent presence, build relationships with the staff and other volunteers, and gain deeper insights into the organization’s needs and goals. 

Volunteering demonstrates genuine commitment beyond financial contributions, helping to establish you and your business as a reliable community partner.

Bonus tip: If you’re up for the challenge, consider going big and hosting an event. I organize an annual golf tournament benefiting my charity of choice and have raised over $50K in 3 years. Do you think that catches their attention? It does. I am fully engrained in the organization. Also, golf is on brand for me, so I benefit from additional content and networking with potential clients (plus it’s fun).

Aligning yourself and your business with a local nonprofit organization goes beyond feeding your soul; it can be a strategic move for business growth. By adding value to a nonprofit, you are not only contributing to a worthy cause, but you are reinforcing your brand’s presence in the community in a way that highlights your values.