Experienced agents know and new agents quickly learn that building a successful real estate business is all about developing relationships. And when it comes to client relationships specifically, gratitude is key.

While letting clients know that you appreciate them needs to be a routine part of your process, there should be nothing routine about showing them that you care. A thank-you email after closing is nice, but it’s an amateur move—it’s not something that’s going to keep you top of mind or earn you lasting loyalty. To be a memorable and preferred agent you need to take consistent and sincere action that forges a genuine bond with your clients. 

Thoughtful thanks can be expressed in many forms. Here are six ways to let your clients know you value them, the faith they’ve shown in you as their agent, and their ongoing support.

1. Be consistent

Consistency breeds familiarity, while familiarity encourages trust—and trust is essential to repeat and referral business. A reasonable schedule and repeatable system are all you need to nurture relationships and make a lasting impression. (This free e-book provides both.)

Use your CRM to manage your relationships and set reminders to reach out. You can keep in touch with various tools and resources that are readily available, like postcards and newsletters, but just make sure to take the next step and follow up when you do. 

Most importantly, no matter which method you choose, always thank your clients and reiterate you’re there for them.

2. Remember the details

Including personal touches in your follow-ups shows clients that they’re important enough for you to remember the little details and don’t see them as not just another commission check. While every agent has stock questions they routinely ask, make a point of using the FORD Method to pose ones that reveal what’s unique about each of your clients. Pay attention during conversations to pick up on information that suggests their preferences, experiences, and other telling details.

Then add what you learn to your database so that when you reach out, you can call upon this information to personalize your communication. Recognize birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries, remember children’s names, and don’t forget about their pets! You could even send a chocolate-rich dessert recipe to the chocoholic.

3. Go beyond the typical

How many pens and tote bags adorned with business names do you own? If you’re anything like me and my wife, the answer is probably too many.

Swag is great, but I encourage you to think beyond the all-purpose, buy-in-bulk trinkets. Instead, call upon what you know about your clients to identify a gift of personal interest you can offer them. For instance:

  • If a client has a favorite team, singer, or actor, give them tickets to a sporting event, concert, movie, or play.
  • For the bakers in the bunch, create and hand-deliver a basket with baking supplies.
  • Someone who likes a particular author will be thrilled to receive their latest book.

For something truly special, gift your clients a free subscription to a personally branded magazine from ReminderMedia.


Consider each recipient and send one of our four publications you know they’d most enjoy, or mix it up and send a different one with each mailing. Select two Tear Out Cards with DIY projects for the weekend warrior or crafter, recipes for the aspiring chef, or tips and hacks to satisfy a wide variety of interests. And to really impress, include a letter on the Front Inside Cover customized to each client.

4. Do the unexpected

Jay Baer, author of the New York Times bestseller Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is about Help Not Hype, said during an interview on our Stay Paid podcast that no one gets excited simply because you did the job you were paid to do. To create raving fans, you need to do the unexpected.

Call clients for no reason other than to ask how they’re doing, stop by with small gifts to say you were thinking of them, or offer help without being asked. I’ve interviewed agents on Stay Paid who’ve shown up on a moving day with pizza and beer, hired a service to cut a client’s lawn while they were recovering from surgery, and sent parents gift certificates to a restaurant and arranged for a babysitter. You can be sure that gestures like these not only remembered, garner tons of goodwill, and strengthen relationships but also come up in conversations with family and friends.

5. Request their opinion

Encouraging your clients to provide honest feedback is a sign that you value their opinions and are committed to meeting their needs. Check in throughout the buying or selling process: Do they have questions they haven’t asked? Are they happy with how things are going? Do they have any concerns? Your clients will appreciate being heard and having you respond appropriately. 

You can also request that they share their experiences and satisfaction in online reviews. Reviews and testimonials are critical to your overall success, and up to 72% of people who are asked are happy to provide them. There are better and worse ways to go about this, and we’ve got a blog that explains exactly how to tackle the task.

Once you’ve got your clients’ feedback, make sure to implement their suggestions as appropriate. This will show them that you value their input and invest them in your success. 

6. Give them the spotlight

While the five suggestions above will undoubtedly make your clients feel important, nothing demonstrates you value someone quite like public recognition. After each closing, use social media to post a message or video congratulating, praising, and thanking the client for working with you. Every new post will contribute to a positive cycle of appreciation and additional brand exposure.

The bottom line

The currency of business is relationships—nurture your client relationships, and their value will increase as they generate more repeat and referral business.

You can begin to nurture bonds with your clients by expressing your authentic gratitude. When you use the ideas above, you’ll show them that you’re more than just a real estate agent—you’re someone who genuinely cares about their journey and success. And your consideration will be reciprocated in turn. Remember that small gestures made in a consistent manner will make a significant difference, and you’ll leave a lasting impression that keeps you top of mind for future needs and referrals.