“Boomers aging in place” was not part of my business plan.

In 2020 I made a 5-year plan. A huge part of that was dominating my geographical farm, which is primarily boomers. So, if they are not selling their homes, what do I do now? How do I add value to these homeowners, accepting today’s reality that the vast majority claim they are “never moving”?

They tell me I can “sell their house when they die” and that may happen in the future. But the truth is these homeowners can refer me to their spheres or sell investment properties. Unfortunately, health and financial considerations later in life sometimes force people to change their plans, and that’s when a strong relationship really matters.

Never Moving?

So, I made a direct mail piece focusing on serving the homeowner who is “never moving.” This perspective is unique for a real estate professional and is the ultimate long-game play. But I love the long game—and this one mailer got me an appointment with a homeowner who owns over $2 million in property.

Never moving? Direct mail

The piece has a hook to capture their attention, immediately resonates with these homeowners and prompts them to consider placing their home in a living trust. 

On the mailer, I shared that doing this now will save their kids stress, time and thousands of dollars by avoiding probate. I also included a two-part CTA. 

The main CTA was to scan a QR code to access a free guide to why homeowners should place their homes in a living trust. This QR code directed them to my Linktree, where I captured their email address and provided the downloadable PDF guide. Want a template of the guide? Get it here.

The secondary CTA was to attend an upcoming seller seminar I hosted.

This piece did well with 12 QR code scans and two attendees came to my seller seminar. It also landed me one appointment with an opportunity to sell two properties.

Rethink Your Value-Add

The fact that many boomers in my farm are determined to stay put required me to rethink how I can add value to them. By creating a direct mail piece that caters to homeowners who are “never moving,” I’m doubling down on the long-game approach to real estate marketing. 

This mailer, with its focus on the benefits of placing homes in a living trust, not only captured the attention of my target audience, but it also proves that I am truly focused on serving them.