I made a buzz; I could feel it on the other end of the phone when talking to homeowners, and I heard it from numerous impressed friends and clients. Others in my town are already replicating my efforts because this is a great tactic! 

What is it? A Seller Seminar. 

The goal? To get homeowners (my ideal clients) into a room and lay out my unique value proposition, showcase my expertise, and demonstrate my proven systems for seamlessly selling a house, making me the go-to real estate resource. 

Hosting a seller seminar for those looking to gain more listings is an impactful way to get face time with potential sellers. It sets you up as the authority, giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and have valuable discussions with future sellers. 

Here’s the embarrassing truth: My first attempt at hosting this seminar was not impressive— unless you are impressed by four attendees, two of whom were my parents (it’s fine; I laughed, too!). We all must start somewhere, and this plan is one heck of a good start, so keep reading. 

Today, I will give you an overview of the first step in hosting a memorable seller seminar: building the game plan.

The Logistics of Hosting a Seller Seminar

Here are a few logistical things you need to consider.

Where are you hosting it? 

Find a convenient location to host the event. A few good choices include your office, the local library, or the office of a reputable industry partner, such as a title attorney’s office, which is what I did. Choose a room that will hold 10-20 people max. You don’t want the room to be so big that the attendees feel it is empty. 

When are you hosting it? 

You will need to choose a day and a time that works best for your target audience’s schedule. For the boomer generation, I chose Saturday morning. If you are targeting move-up buyers, Saturday mornings are likely filled with baseball games and birthday parties, so maybe a Thursday evening will work better. Know your demographic and test out different days and times. 

What is your offer? 

I advertised the seminar as a homeowners’ guide to selling, offering valuable information to educate and empower homeowners to make the best decisions regarding their homes. I also offered free lunch. 

Adding Value

Once you have the logistical details ironed out, focus on how you will add value—after all, that is what will make you stand out from other agents. Consider the following when preparing for your presentation. 

What are the topics you will discuss?

Touch on the statistics of your local market. Show that you are the local expert, and remember, you are the expert – the attendees are not. Avoid going too deep into market data, the financial climate and industry projections. A simple slide on your market with the average sales price, days on market and number of sales will be informative, followed by an explanation of what this means for them and if these numbers are up or down from the previous year. 

When talking stats, focus on delivering data that matters to them. 

  • Has the price of their home gone up or down? 
  • Will it take more or less time to sell than they think? 
  • Are homes selling in their neighborhood? 

When discussing national topics such as mortgage rates and buyer sentiment, keep it to a general overview.  

After reviewing some market data, it’s time to do a deep dive on the factors that sell a house – price, exposure, and presentation. Fully explain how and why:

  • Pricing a home properly translates to a speedy sale
  • The right exposure offline and online stirs up the most demand 
  • The presentation is key when going to market. 

Provide your best tips on home preparation guidelines and highlight whatever services you provide to assist with preparing a home for the market. Then clearly explain what you do to market your listings. Homeowners are very interested in your marketing efforts, and this is where you can really shine as an agent who goes above and beyond for their clients. Show proof of success with before and after pictures, advertising campaign analytics and testimonials from happy clients. 

Next up, share a bit about the process of selling a home, the timeline from when you meet until you hit the market, and what happens from receiving an offer to getting to the closing table. 

Will you provide any take-home materials for the attendees? 

I highly recommend having something tangible for your attendees. I made each attendee an individual packet using my branded folders. Inside the folder included: 

  • A branded notepad so they could take notes during the seminar
  • My one-page property marketing plan overview
  • An example seller listing report 
  • A page full of my seller client testimonials. 

I had the folders set out at each seat and it looked very professional. It will also be helpful to have extra pens and, depending on the size of the group, consider name tags for your attendees.

Marketing and Final Prep

How will you advertise?

This is important in order to reach as many people as possible. I utilized a mix of digital and print marketing as follows:

  • Created a target frequency video ad on YouTube
  • Sent 2 postcard mailers to 1,500 homeowners in my farm 
  • Created 3 pieces of social content promoting the event 
  • Boosted 1 of the 3 pieces of content on Facebook
  • Created an event on Facebook
  • Created an event on my Google Business Profile
  • Created an event on Eventbrite

Day of guidelines

Grab all your educational and marketing materials for the seminar, and bring a few extras in case any unregistered guests attend. Make sure you have everything you need for food and drinks – bottled water, serving platters, utensils, plates, napkins, tablecloths, and a table set up at the seminar. Pick up the food and head to the location. 

Be sure you get there early, especially if you expect some older folks to attend. If you want to bring more attention to the event, consider making branded “Seller Seminar” directional yard signs to put out prior to the event. Make sure that your presentation is all set up on the screen and confirm that there are no formatting issues on the secondary screen. Then lay out your marketing materials at the seats, make sure the water bottles are out and available for attendees to grab, and have all the food and serving items ready to be brought out as the presentation ends. 

This strategy can be interpreted as a lot because it is. But getting homeowners interested in selling, to raise their hand and join you for a seminar where you are the expert authority on the subject is a pretty big deal if you ask me. This strategy is for the long-game kind of agents. It takes planning, patience, and consistency. 

But the reward – it will be more than worth it.