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There’s not an agent on the planet who doesn’t crave more referrals and repeat clients. Less time spent chasing leads means more time to serve your clients, stay educated on what’s happening in the market, learn as much as possible about your territory, and be with your family and friends—living the life of freedom a career in real estate promises.

But there is still a good portion of agents struggling to get more of this type of business. It’s a problem, and I’m employing more than 300 resolute professionals to solve it.


At ReminderMedia, we write, design, print, and mail millions of the best-quality custom real estate magazines on behalf of our clients. The primary purpose of these unrivaled publications is to give agents a way to stay connected with the people in their databases so they remain top of mind and deliver value on a consistent basis. Coupled with a follow-up call shortly after their arrival, the result is more referrals, repeat business, and commissions.

Get a free sample of ReminderMedia magazines here.

The benefits of using a custom real estate magazine

They have staying power

Better than emails that people delete, postcards they toss in the mail, and pens they misplace, these premium magazines remain in homes on coffee and kitchen tables for as long as 10 weeks, where they’re read, reread, and shared. That means your brand is being seen for months versus just seconds. Why is this critical? Eighty-one percent of sellers only interview one agent according to NAR, so everything you can do to make sure you are the first agent they think of is critical.

They’re an unbeatable impression piece

As is the case with a home’s curb appeal, first impressions matter. Give a copy of your magazine to prospects at a listing presentation or hand them out at open houses, and I guarantee you’ll stand head and shoulders above other agents who just give a business card or a property flyer. 

These magazines can be customized for your different marketing campaigns. For example, the one you use at a listing presentation can feature a listing, and the ones at open houses can have a letter inside to speak to a prospective buyer. 

They aid in establishing credibility and building trust 

Even the newest agents will garner respect when prospects see you featured on the cover. These publications look like they came straight from your desk, serving as evidence of your success. Customize them to showcase your achievements like client testimonials, certifications you’ve completed, and awards you’ve won.

They deepen relationships

This business is about relationships. What are you sending to your sphere that is about strengthening your relationships and not just about pushing business?

Recipients view these magazines as gifts from you—they’re marketing that they want to receive! Every two months, you’re invited into their homes to give them helpful information and share engaging articles about topics with broad appeal, like travel, art, decorating and design, home and garden, and health and well-being. You’ll have a seat at the table when families prepare recipes from the two Tear Out Cards included in every issue. And your follow-up calls give you a chance to connect more personally and solidify you as the go-to agent in their minds. 

They’re exceptionally cost-effective 

You might think that a 48-page, glossy, full-color magazine would exceed most budgets, but each copy costs less than a typical Hallmark greeting card. Many of our clients report that the commission they receive from a single transaction more than covers the cost of magazines for an entire year. 

In addition to sending them to your top clients, there are dozens of ways to use your custom real estate magazine. Here, I describe three, each of which gives added exposure to your brand to promote both referrals and repeat business.

1. Use your magazine to connect with local businesses

I believe one of the most lucrative yet overlooked opportunities real estate agents have to grow their businesses and provide added value to their clients is to develop a business network of strategic referral partners. If you’re not familiar with the idea, a referral partner is a trusted business that shares but does not compete for the same clients as your business who you have a mutual agreement with to promote each other’s services. You can read about these partnerships and get a free referral partner worksheet to track and organize yours here.

Share the benefits

When looking to begin such an arrangement, remember Gary Vaynerchuk’s advice: give, give, give before you receive (jab, jab, jab, right hook). That’s where your magazine comes in. Prior to asking a business owner to provide you with referrals, offer to feature them in your magazine so they, too, can benefit from its many advantages.

There are many places to do this. You can use one of the two Tear Out Cards in each issue to promote their business or place an ad for them on your Back Inside or Back Outside Cover. You might even refer to them in the customizable letter we print on the Front Inside Cover at no additional charge. The trust and goodwill you express in making such an offer will produce a sense of reciprocity, making them more eager to agree.

Save on marketing costs

You can cover some, or potentially even all, of the cost of your magazine by having your referral partners pay a percentage of the total. We’ll do all the heavy lifting—we’ll work out the pricing, obtain the artwork and copy, complete the design, and bill each party separately. With the money you save, you can send your magazine to more contacts or invest in other marketing strategies. To gauge how much you could save, check out this tool. 

And while you may not want to ask a local charity to pay for space, you can strengthen your connection to your community by featuring one you support. 

You can use your magazine to promote their cause and good work, highlighting your involvement in events they may be holding such as a food drive, pet adoption, or winter coat collection. Don’t keep your altruism secret—people want to support businesses that have a purpose beyond making a profit.

2. Provide your magazine at face-to-face events for easy follow up

I’ve already mentioned offering a copy of your custom real estate magazine to prospects at listing presentations and potential leads at open houses, but you can also give them out at client events and seminars.

Client events

Based on my interviews with top producers on my Stay Paid podcast, I can confidently say that client events are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. They are not only an enjoyable way to express your gratitude to the people who help pay your bills but also an occasion to meet their friends and families—a.k.a. new leads. 

When the event concludes, send your guests home with a swag bag that includes a copy of your magazine. You can further entice attendees to give you their contact information by letting them know that your next issue will include pictures of the event, which you can make sure they get by including them in your next mailing. (Our Creative Services team will be happy to design what you need.)

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next client event, listen to Stay Paid episode, “12 Client Appreciation Events Inspired by Top Agents and Producers,” where you’ll get a new idea for each month of the year.

Educational seminars

I can think of no better way to get 6 to 12 interested leads together in one room, and to position yourself as a credible expert, than to host an educational seminar. As a licensed agent, you know more than the people who will come to hear you speak, regardless of your experience. And the effort to organize a seminar isn’t as daunting as you might first think. (You’ll find everything you need to know, along with a list of potential seminar topics, here.)

Much like with client events, you can offer your seminar attendees a free copy of your magazine to take home with them, but here’s the twist—along with water and coffee, provide a sweet treat using one of our recipes, and let folks know they can find it in your magazine. Then, when you follow up, you can ask if they’ve prepared the recipe at home and how it turned out and let the conversation develop from there. Pretty clever, right?

3. Leave your magazine in high-traffic areas to grow your brand

Places where people tend to idle—including coffee shops, hair salons, auto repair garages, doctors’ and dentists’ offices, and senior centers—are excellent locations to leave copies of your magazine. Clear it with the owners or managers, and leave a stack on a table or in the waiting area. 

You can do the same at offices of professionals who help homebuyers and sellers, such as bankers, mortgage lenders, interior designers, insurance brokers, or lawyers (particularly estate and divorce lawyers whose clients often need to sell their homes). Even better, and as I mentioned earlier, feature their business on the Back Cover, and they’ll love having it on display in their office.

The fact that the majority of buyers and sellers only contact one agent before deciding who they want to work with means if someone picks up a copy of your magazine and calls, you have a very good chance of signing that prospect.

Bonus tip

Every time you meet someone new, you have a chance to ask them what they do for work, which will naturally lead them to ask you the same question. And then presto—you’re talking about real estate. So in addition to the above tactics, always have a few copies of your magazine in the back seat or trunk of your car. Give your new friend a copy, and at the same time, ask for their social media handle, promising to send them more fun articles and useful information.

Take action

As a real estate agent, you know you need to be sending something to your sphere. The question is simply what to send. A customized real estate magazine that you can mail to your top clients, use to develop referral partnerships with business owners, provide at appreciation events and seminars, and broaden awareness of your brand is the answer. Download a sample of our most recent issue today and experience for yourself the versatility of this unrivaled marketing. See if it isn’t everything I’ve described it to be.