For this week’s episode of the Over Ask Podcast, Matt Lionetti and The Broke Agent are doing a “state of the union” conversation on a few topics on both their minds, starting with The Broke Agent’s wedding and what he learned from taking a two-week break from posting on Instagram. 

Next, they discussed Matt’s $14.5 million dollar listing and his motivation for teaming up with Anna Oliver, which is a prime example of the power of collaboration and why agents shouldn’t trap themselves in the mentality of “I have to do it all myself.” 

That led to the importance of storytelling in marketing (why just repeating the details in the listing description will get your audience scrolling past your content), followed by the popularity of Steven Diaz and the impact of his rapping talent on his real estate business. 

Finally, Matt and The Broke Agent share a few Instagram tips for Q2, with a special focus on why you should never interview local restaurant owners. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:36 Intro

00:36 The Broke Agent’s wedding

02:27 The wedding roast and first impressions of Tucson

03:52 What The BA learned from his two-week break from posting on IG

09:47 Matt’s $15M listing and teaming up with Anna Oliver

15:32 The power of collaboration

23:52 The importance of storytelling in marketing

29:57 Steven Diaz, aka the “Rappin Realtor” 

34:30 The current state of Instagram in Q2

39:02 Instagram tips

41:17 Instagram users prioritize authenticity over video quality

42:17 99% of people don’t want to see you interview restaurant owners

48:15 Final rules

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