She’s known for closing luxury deals that other agents can’t even touch. 

He’s known for his hilarious social media content that consistently generates leads.

And now, The Agency’s Anna Oliver and Matt Lionetti are teaming up to provide next-level results for their clients. 

Here’s how their unlikely partnership began—and where they’re headed next. 

Real Estate Duo

If you follow BAM, you’re already familiar with BAM Creator Matt Lionetti, Managing Director of The Agency Toronto West and co-host of the Over Ask Podcast, and winner of The Agency Rising Star Award, The Agency Innovation Award and the Inman Innovator Award.

Matt got his start in the industry doing what he thought was required to gain leads: door knocking and cold calling. But these strategies didn’t align with his personality—and they didn’t deliver the results he was after. Trusting his instincts, he began creating the content that we all love today. This decision has not only leveled up his business but also increased his price point.

Anna has been in the real estate industry for almost two decades, before social media, digital marketing and smartphones. Before joining The Agency, Anna was Senior Vice President at Sotheby’s International Realty Canada and is consistently recognized professionally as a top performer. Starting from scratch in two different markets, Halifax and Toronto, Anna built her client base and worked her way up to the ultra-luxury deals she is now known and respected for.

At first glance, most wouldn’t pair up Matt and Anna to work together. So how did these two agents, on seemingly different ends of the spectrum, come together to form a powerful partnership in the luxury real estate market?

Matt Lionetti and Anna Oliver

Credit: Forest City Films

It turns out, the joint venture came at the perfect time for both. Matt was ready to take on a bigger share of Toronto’s luxury market. And Anna was primed to elevate and expand her practice to new heights. A collaboration was the perfect solution.

We thought, if we informally team up on some of these bigger properties, we have something for everybody. I bring a lot of eyeballs, and Anna has years of experience in the field. Maybe that’s the perfect little dream team—the duo you didn’t know you needed.

Matt Lionetti

Both agents credit their brokerage, The Agency, with providing an environment that allows for creative global marketing and fosters a culture of zero egos, as exemplified by its #1 rule: “No Assholes.” The camaraderie among agents means there’s little hesitation to reach out for support or inspiration. 

Matt’s timing was perfect when he reached out. I’m always looking to evolve—and I strongly believe in the collaboration of people who have complementary skills that can work really well together. And it’s win-win, not just for Matt and I professionally, but for our clients to be able to get as many eyes and attention on their properties.

Anna Oliver

Marketing for Multi-Million Dollar Listings

Matt and Anna’s collaboration is off to a strong start with their upcoming relaunch of a $14.5 million listing in King City, just outside of Toronto. With more high-end deals in the pipeline, the pair is poised to make waves in the luxury market.

King City

Credit: Birdhouse Media

When it comes to marketing these properties, the duo will be playing off each other’s strengths. Think Matt’s humor with Anna’s refined touch. 

I’m known for being funny, but I want to show different sides of me as well. And Anna gets to show a lighter side of herself, which is really nice because she’s actually very funny.

Matt Lionetti

For the relaunch, Matt and Anna worked with the sellers to create a real estate commercial that goes beyond the visuals to tell a story. The commercial promises to be as unique and compelling as their partnership—so stay tuned for BAM’s upcoming feature on it.

New Generation of Real Estate

As the real estate industry continues to evolve, agents must constantly elevate their practices to best serve their clients and maintain their passion for the work. 

For Matt and Anna, this means joining forces and lifting each other up. With Anna’s unmatched ability to close high-end deals and Matt’s social media expertise, they’re the ultimate dream team, representing a new era for agents. 

This is the new generation of real estate – especially for the global stage, where I think both of our talents can shine.

Anna Oliver