From early morning appointments to late-night paperwork, a day in the life of a real estate agent is unpredictable and fast-paced. You’re constantly on the go, showing properties, attending meetings, and networking. And let’s not forget the countless phone calls, emails, and text messages that need to be answered ASAP.

But being a real estate agent is not all work and no play—most agents find time to fit in workouts, coffee dates, and some personal development. And, of course, there’s always time for a celebratory cocktail after closing a deal.

While being an agent is not your typical 9-5, one thing is for sure: it’s never boring. From the highs of a successful sale to the lows of dealing with difficult clients, these “day in the life” videos give you a glimpse into the world of real estate. (And if nothing else, you can use it as some content inspo.) 

Day in the Life of a Real Estate Agent

All about that long game. @omerreshid_ works on building his client base everywhere he goes. 

Ah, so these are the secrets of every Realtor with “Top 1% agent” in their bios. @jenngstyle nailed this one.

A great blend of self-care and work in this one. Who else wishes they joined the biz at 18 like @jadaalexishill?

Making calls at 8:00 am! We wonder if @bostonpads tuned in to BAM’s cold calling events?

@bostonpads A day in the life of a Boston Real Estate agent! Getting an early start is the key to success. No two days are the same as a real estate agent, so planning ahead and being organized is key. You make your own hours, and if you’ve done your job right during the week your weekends are fully booked with showings! If you’re a real estate agent in Boston looking to close $30K+ per month in rental deals alone message us! We have more inventory than anyone else in Boston. If you’re interested in getting your real estate license, we can help with that too! #boston #bostontiktok #bostonapartment #luxuryhomes #bostonrealestate #bostonapartmentsbelike #fyp #bostonpads #bostonapartments #apartmenttour #massachusetts #realestate #adayinthelife #adayinmylife #realestateagent #makemoney #bostonrealtor #bostonma ♬ Dancing In The Living Room - Collin Watt

In South Florida, @melsellsfl shows a day that’s equal parts work and drinking. Sometimes, it’s like that.

Real estate doesn’t stop on the weekends. Here’s how @rentarealtor balances life and work on a Saturday.

@rentarealtor 🏡Day in the life of a real estate agent! Every day looks a little different but most most days include prospecting and follow up with clients. Other days as a realtor include Research for current clients, family time, gym time, marketing, market research, meeting with buyers/sellers, coaching, scripting and so much more! #dfwrealtor #realtor#texasrealtor #dayinmylife #fortworthrealtor #dallasrealtor ♬ Paradise - Ikson

What about commercial real estate agents? @ryleeplatusic shares all:

But what’s it really like?

While it’s great to see highlight reels of agents who (probably) love their jobs, @thebrokeagent never fails to show what’s really happening behind the scenes.