If there’s one thing I wish I could go back and change, it would be defining my audience niche sooner. We’ve all heard about defining our niche, and you know what they say, “niches get riches!” 

But what does it really mean to define our niche and cater our marketing to that specific audience?

Marketing Your Business: Like Buying Peanut Butter

Imagine marketing your business is like buying peanut butter. Everyone reading this article would go to the store to buy peanut butter, and we’d all likely pick a different brand based on our preferences. 

My friend Dan Oneil’s dog, Ernie, loves peanut butter, especially the crunchy kind. If I were to buy him Whole Foods’ all-natural creamy peanut butter instead, that would result in an unhappy Ernie. 

As mentioned in this Forbes article, it’s not enough to just identify our target audience (peanut butter), we must also drill down to our niche target audience (Creamy or crunchy? Natural or regular?).

How do you define your niche? 

My main audience consists of Realtors. That’s the peanut butter. But let’s go a step further. For me, 60% of my audience is female Realtors. That’s the crunchy. Now, within that group, 40% are between the ages of 25-34, and from conversations I’ve had with many of them, they are within their 2nd to 6th year in the real estate business. Many are seeking guidance and support to grow their businesses. So, I tailor my content specifically to them.

While most people are afraid to niche down, I’ve found that having a defined target audience allows me to tailor my marketing towards that niche without missing out on other clients.

To define your niche, make sure you’re using the insights feature on Instagram to understand who your audience is. It’s not enough for us to just say, “Our audience is buyers or sellers.” There are so many niches within buyers and sellers that you’ve likely never thought of!

Exploring Niche Possibilities: Examples for Agents

Stuck on defining a niche? Here are some examples for real estate agents:

  • Relocation
  • International
  • Military veterans
  • Luxury
  • Seniors or retirees
  • Investors
  • Eco-friendly
  • Single parents
  • Foreign service
  • “Move-up” buyers
  • Historic
  • First-time homebuyers
  • Empty nesters
  • Waterfront
  • Single professionals
  • Pet-friendly homes
  • Golf course communities/golf enthusiasts
  • Tiny homes and micro living
  • Multi-generational homes
  • Artists and Creatives
  • Health and wellness-focused homes
  • Niche architecture styles (mid-century modern, Victorian, farmhouse)
  • Vacation homes and second homes
  • Equestrian properties

Aligning Your Niche with Your Existing Client Profile

Ensuring your niche aligns with a similar client profile you’re already working with is crucial. For instance, if you’re in your first year in the business, targeting the luxury market might not be the best fit. However, if you have a network of pet-loving friends, focusing on pet-friendly properties could be a winning niche for you. 

Once you’ve defined your niche, it’s time to create content that your followers want to see. When I create content, I’m focused on one person, “her.” As I mentioned earlier, “she” is a female Realtor between the ages of 25-34. What does she want to see when she comes to my page?

Tailoring Content to Your Niche

First and foremost, I aim to inspire her. Millennials believe they can change the world, and in many ways, they already have. So, I create content that makes “her” feel something, whether it’s a laugh or a tear, I want to evoke emotions and connect with my viewers personally.

Niche Content Examples

Now, let’s get tactical. If your niche is single professional buyers, think about what that client avatar wants to see from your page.

Showcase Low-Maintenance Properties: Single professionals have busy schedules and limited time for home maintenance. Highlight properties that require minimal upkeep, like condos. These buyers also appreciate the idea of locking up and leaving for travel without worries, so consider showcasing gated buildings.

One great example is a condo listing from Morgan and The Storey Team

Showcase Walkable Neighborhoods: Many single professionals prefer walkable neighborhoods with easy access to amenities like restaurants, cafes, gyms, and entertainment. Highlight properties in vibrant urban areas or trendy neighborhoods.

Take inspiration from Krys Benyamein where he talks about the close proximity of his listing to a popular local donut shop:

Tailor your marketing materials to the preferences and aspirations of single professionals. Use modern and engaging visuals and craft messages that speak to their desire for independence and a thriving social life.

Now, what if your niche is golf enthusiast buyers?

Golf Course Development Updates: Keep your audience informed about upcoming golf course developments in the area and the potential impact on nearby property values.

Take inspiration from Shane Burgman‘s video where he showcases a commercial site that is still under development. Through his video, he creates an experience that allows you to envision exactly what it will look like when it’s completed.  While his video focuses on a new development with restaurants and shopping, you can use this approach for a development near a golf course. 

Before-and-After Property Transformations: Feature properties that have been transformed into golfer’s paradises, showcasing how specific features were incorporated to cater to the sport.

Your Favorites: Create a video showcasing the five best golf course communities in your area.

Golf Community Amenities and Lifestyle: Showcase the amenities of golf communities, such as access to exclusive golf memberships, clubhouses, tennis courts, swimming pools, and social events.

Take inspiration from Paige Steckling, who beautifully showcases the proximity of her listing to the golf course. In her video, she even includes footage of kids enjoying a ride in the golf cart, giving you a glimpse of the lifestyle this community offers:

Golf Package Incentives: Offer special incentives, such as an exclusive day of golfing for any buyer who purchases a property in a golf community you’re showcasing online.

Tailoring Content with Passion

Now, this doesn’t mean I want you to limit yourself to just one topic forever. Instead, it’s about tailoring a portion of your content to something that truly resonates with you on a personal level. When we find alignment with our niche, a genuine sense of care and passion naturally follows. This authentic connection with the subject matter not only ensures our content is engaging but also drives results. If you’re an enthusiast who loves golf, centering content around what genuinely matters to you can spark a unique and compelling bond with your audience, making your online presence all the more impactful.

Another practice I find valuable when creating content for my niche is to answer these questions as if I were my clients/audience: 

What I really want is _____

I’m struggling to _____

I need help with ______

I feel really ______

One thing holding me back is ______

I wish I had more ______

These questions can serve as great hooks for your Reels!

The Importance of Showing Your Face and Brand Experience

Remember to show your face in your content! In this era, companies are shifting their focus to the CEO rather than solely on the product. Twenty years ago, I wouldn’t have known the CEO of Budweiser, but today I recognize Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. People crave the connection with the face behind the brand.

Similarly, understanding your brand experience is crucial. Picture a woman in Starbucks waiting in line with a stroller. As she approaches the checkout counter, she sees kids’ applesauce, cheese sticks, apple slices—tons of kids’ snacks! She’s able to share a brand experience with her child. Now, think about Home Depot. It doesn’t necessarily scream “children,” right? 

Consider the brand experience you provide when someone visits your page. Are you inviting your niche audience into your brand experience?

Ultimately, defining your niche as a real estate agent allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level and cater your content to their specific needs and desires. So, let’s embrace the power of niches and watch our businesses flourish!