In the competitive world of real estate, having superfans can make a significant difference in the success of your business. Inspired by the insights shared in Brittany Hodak’s book, Creating Superfans: How to Turn Your Customers into Lifelong Advocates, this article explores the ladder to creating superfans, emphasizing the importance of shifting from a transactional mindset to cultivating a loyal following of superfans.

The Power of Advocates

The more advocates you have, the easier it becomes to create superfans. However, many real agent agents overlook a crucial step on the ladder to advocacy: apathy. Our typical focus tends to be on achieving awareness—we strive for more leads and followers, ultimately aiming to increase the visibility of our brand. 

Albert Einstein said, “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” He was probably talking about Instagram and TikTok when he said that, right!? 

Instead of solely focusing on getting new people in your database, or building up your follower count, think about what a privilege and honor it is to have the attention of your past clients or your current Instagram followers. We need to ask ourselves, “How can I genuinely enhance the lives of my clients and followers? How can I go above and beyond so they feel special and want to become advocates?”

Where Superfans Come From

Superfans are born at the intersection of your story and your client’s story. To cultivate loyalty from clients and followers, agents must first demonstrate genuine care and affection. The SUPER acronym provides a framework for developing superfans.

S – Start with Your Story

While it may feel self-centered, we have to begin by sharing our own stories. In an experience-driven economy, standing out from the competition requires more than just showcasing knowledge and services. Our brains are hardwired to connect with stories, making them an effective tool for establishing relatability and credibility.

Tactical Tip: Ask yourself why you are the absolute best choice to serve your clients. Articulate why clients should care and why you deserve superfans.

U – Understand Your Customer’s Story

Take the time and think about how your clients and followers have goals, dreams, history, and people who love them. This not only gives you more empathy, but it also gives you more understanding about how your authority can matter to them and help them. By caring about your clients and acknowledging their real-life experiences, they will feel genuinely valued and appreciated.

Tactical Tip: Start with your past clients. On their home anniversary, send them a quick 30-second video congratulating them and expressing your gratitude for choosing you as their Realtor. You can batch record these videos, save them to an album on your phone, and send them out on home anniversaries. You can also use services like The Pop by Co. to send quarterly gifts to your clients, but the personal touch of a video is highly recommended (and also free)!

P – Personalized Interactions

The vast majority of clients expect personalization from anyone they give money to. We need to have that additional personal touch to drive interactions! 

If you’re giving a client a gift with your logo on it, that’s an AD. Not a gift. Think about your best friend. Would you buy your best friend a gift with a picture of your face on it? No. Yet, as real estate agents, we buy as many cutting boards as we can with our logos on them! 

Thoughtful, personalized gifts or gestures demonstrate the time, attention, and care invested in the relationship. The true magic of a gift lies not in its price point, but in the presentation and personalization. Even a $10 gift can become extraordinary with a $50 bow—meaning, it’s the thought and effort put into the presentation that truly matters. Think about the joy you feel when your kids or a niece or nephew make a gift for you at school. Regardless of its monetary value, you cherish and keep it because it was made with love by someone special. The same principle applies when showing appreciation to your clients. The magic of a gift lies in the time, attention, and care you put into it, not its price tag. 

Tactical Tip: On closing day, consider getting your client a personalized welcome mat with their last name. Or turn the exterior listing photo into a puzzle or a watercolor print of their home.

E – Exceed Expectations

Intentional experience design plays a vital role in creating superfans. We have to evaluate every touch point from the customer’s perspective, asking ourselves if each interaction enhances, detracts from, or has no impact on the overall experience. Finding opportunities to transform forgettable moments into memorable ones can leave a lasting positive impression.

Tactical Tip: When a client goes under contract, consider sending them a $50 Uber Eats gift card for dinner on you. Or, for a more personalized touch, purchase a Starbucks gift card and email it to yourself. Then, screenshot the QR code, and create a personalized design in Canva that says, “Enjoy a coffee on me today!” with the overlay of the QR code. You can send this out to past clients, warm leads, or your followers who engage with your content regularly.

R – Repeat

Consistency is key to creating superfans. Consistently apply the principles outlined above, repeatedly demonstrating your dedication. By doing so, you can cultivate a growing community of superfans.

By shifting your focus to building relationships, providing exceptional experiences, and demonstrating genuine care, you can transform clients into enthusiastic advocates. Embracing the SUPER acronym—Start with Your Story, Understand Your Customer’s Story, Personalized Interactions, Exceed Expectations, and Repeat—you can build a community of loyal superfans.