Like many agents, Kirsten Jordan spent the first 12 years of her career waiting for validation to take the next step.

Validation eventually came for her in the form of a casting call. But since then, Kirsten has learned to take matters into her own hands – like the time she ran up to Matt Lionetti at Inman for a picture.

On this episode of the Over Ask Podcast, Kirsten shares how being a star of Million Dollar Listing has changed her career, and more importantly, how she has taken action to elevate her business.

Waiting for the Call

After doing sales in Europe for two years, Kirsten came back to the states in 2007 ready to dive into an industry where she could make money. She joined a team, and even though it was the wrong fit, she learned a lot.

When the housing crisis hit, she didn’t know what was going to happen. She became an assistant for a luxury agent, learning the ins and outs of the luxury market. For 12 years, Kirsten continued working for superstar agents, doing the behind-the-scenes work that helped her learn the industry inside and out: comps, negotiations, and narratives for high-profile clients. With this work, she knew the industry better than most.

So when the call came, she was ready.

Casting Call for Million Dollar Listing

At this point in her career, Kirsten felt like she was in a rut. Business was moving along, but she didn’t have a clear vision of the future or how to take her business to the next level. After meditating for three months, she got a text for a casting call for Million Dollar Listing. It didn’t matter how many people that text went to. It didn’t matter that she had no video, no social media, no cohesive brand. Kirsten knew this was her opportunity. She thought:

“Oh my god, they discovered me. I am meant to be on Million Dollar Listing New York.” 

How the Show Changed Kirsten’s Business

A TV show is an incredible way to build awareness, and Kirsten credits Million Dollar Listing for producing referrals and connections. The real game changer, however, was when Kirsten learned to open doors herself.

After realizing she enjoys being on camera, Kirsten began taking her personal brand seriously for the first time. She started a website, blog, and is active on social media. She uses the show to reinforce her brand, rather than waiting on the show to hand her more deals.

“The show, for me, was validation to invest in myself and my brand and my business.”

Giving Back to the Industry

Kirsten knows that there are countless agents who are waiting for a call that will change their life. They are waiting for their own validation to go out and create the business they want. And while that call did come for Kirsten, she encourages everyone to stop waiting. Go make the content. Go put the business plan into action. Go take the risk. 

Kirsten started Moms of Real Estate (MoRE), a podcast where she interviews some of the top producing female agents and mothers in the industry. She’s also writing a book to share how you can take action in your business – so be on the lookout for the book launch in 2023!

“I feel a duty to the universe. For whatever reason, this incredible thing happened to me…I feel a duty to give back and share with other women that they can do it too, because there’s plenty of room in the marketplace.”

For more our the conversation, including what Kirsten has learned from Ryan Serhant, watch the full episode:

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