I flew into Dallas for BAM Bash, and let me tell you, the party was epic. However, my hangover –  ROUGH. If you missed out on this year’s event, make sure you mark your calendar for next year. And here’s a pro tip: Pre-book an IV for the day after. Trust me, your future self will thank you. 

Lindsey Jo

I flew out of Dallas at 5:00 a.m. the next day, which meant dragging myself out of bed at 3:00 a.m. to catch an early Uber to the airport. I had planned a special trip for my family to a Michigan beach town called Petoskey – a place I’d grown up visiting every summer as a child. The plan was for a quick one-night getaway before I made my way to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan for a friend’s wedding.

I had a layover in Detroit; however, heavy rain the day before had caused flooding in the tunnels that were used to transport the crew to and from the gates. 

Lindsey Jo

My flight was delayed 6 hours. With each delay, the thought of missing out on valuable family time brought tears to my eyes. 

Miraculously, the captain and flight attendant reached our gate, allowing us to finally depart the airport. I landed in Petoskey’s small beach town airport which can only be described as a mix of an L.L. Bean catalog and a Bass Pro Shop. 

While seated next to a moose head, I received a text from the airline informing me that my bag had been lost, adding to the frustration after fourteen hours of travel. With no Uber available, I called a cab and waited for 40 minutes before being picked up. 

Moments of Anxiety and Protecting Loved Ones

Finally, I arrived at dinner with my parents. In the past when we would go out to dinner, I would always try to hide my mom’s illness from the servers. Many of you know about her diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s. Lately, she’s been struggling significantly with reading restaurant menus and placing orders. Going out to eat with her is always a source of anxiety because I don’t want others to know that she is struggling. 

Typically, my dad and I order for her before the server even has a chance to ask her. My dad ordered for her, but then the waitress turned to my mom and asked, “That dish is a bit spicy, is that alright?” Instantly I started panicking, knowing that my mom wouldn’t be able to comprehend what the waitress was asking.

Memories in Every Stage of Life

At that moment I just wanted to cry. What was meant to be a brief trip filled with memories had unexpectedly transformed into a nightmare. But I took a moment to pause and look around. The restaurant we were sitting in held so much joy for me as a child. I reminisced about coloring on the tables with my dad as a kid and visiting the neighborhood toy store to choose a toy. As I grew older, I would go shopping for school clothes in preparation for the upcoming school year. 

It felt as if this town held special memories for every stage of my life, from the age of 5 to the present day. And even though this current season is incredibly painful, I understand the importance of letting myself truly experience it, no matter how heart-wrenching it may be. 

As I was looking around, it dawned on me that I had allowed a cloud of negativity to consume me. Throughout the entire day, my attention had been fixated solely on the things that had gone wrong – the early 3 a.m. start, the six-hour delay, the lost luggage, and the 40-minute wait for a cab. 

Breaking Free From the Cycle

As agents, it’s easy to often find ourselves trapped in the cycle of negativity. We’re negative about high interest rates, agent burnout, Zillow taking over the world, AI replacing agents, and the challenges of the market.

I want to emphasize that dwelling on negativity only perpetuates more negativity. When we fixate solely on the negative, our perspective narrows, preventing us from recognizing the positive aspects that life can offer. I want you to understand that there are opportunities in every market. Admittedly, selling houses may be more challenging this year, but success is still very achievable. Now is the ideal moment to zero in on 2-3 key areas of your business and invest your full effort there. I know that sometimes it can feel a little hopeless! You’re not alone in that feeling, and I want to validate that, but I want to share some practical tips to help you break free from the cycle of negativity, particularly when you find yourself concentrating solely on the negative aspects of the market.

#1 – Take small actions to begin solving problems 

It’s easy to get caught up in the negativity of feeling like you just can’t get people to buy or sell houses right now. As Tom Toole says, many times people just want to sell more houses, but in order to hit that goal, you need a daily, weekly, monthly plan for the next 30 days. That will get you on track. Determine your four numbers—conversations, appointments, offers, sign rates—then break it down by the week. 

#2 – Plan your Touch Points

Call your past clients and use the F.O.R.D. (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams) script. Call them on their birthday and home anniversary! You can also compile a list of everyone’s home anniversaries for the entire year. Batch record videos where you personally wish them a happy home anniversary and save those videos in an album on your phone. Set up calendar notifications for each home anniversary and when a notification pops up, send the corresponding video to your past client!

#3 – My Favorite Starbucks Tip

Your email list is the lifeblood of your business! I cannot stress this enough. Eighty-five percent of consumers say they are likely to work with their agent again. Yet only 12% actually do. 

You have to stay connected with your past clients by providing a blend of market insights and enjoyable content via email. Opt for an email service provider such as Flodesk, which offers a range of beautiful email templates to choose from, complete with clickable links. Instead of solely sending out market statistics, ensure the information resonates with their current life. 

Remember, real estate has an impact on people’s lives one percent of the time. For the remaining 99% of the time, we have to figure out how to keep them engaged. Consider sharing details about local events that might interest them or your favorite dining spots. You can even send an email and surprise them with a Starbucks QR code for a coffee treat. Purchase a Starbucks gift card online and add it to your app. Capture a screenshot of the barcode, head to Canva, and then search “Starbucks QR” to find beautiful templates! 

Using a Starbucks QR code is a preferable option compared to buying gift cards for clients. This way, funds are only deducted from your Starbucks card when they make a purchase. Unlike purchasing a gift card where you’re spending money whether they use it or not, the QR code method ensures that spending is directly tied to their transactions at Starbucks.

The Ability to Pivot

Even amidst challenges and uncertainties, you hold the power to craft a more promising future. It’s not about ignoring the difficulties, but rather about channeling your energy into productive avenues. When you focus on solutions and possibilities, you tap into the resilience that propels you forward.

Challenges are always inevitable. The art lies in how you navigate them. Your ability to pivot, adapt, and remain steadfast in your commitment to growth determines the quality of your journey. The road ahead might not be without bumps, but with the right perspective, those bumps can become stepping stones toward your goals.