Did you know the number one way people prefer to be marketed to is by email?

That’s right. Email marketing not only works—but consumers prefer it. So you, as an agent, should be focused on building an email list just as much as building that TikTok or Instagram audience. 

In fact, I’d say you should focus on it more. Email lists convert at a higher level than social platforms.

The good news is you can use social media to get more emails. Here are three ways to grow your email list through Instagram. 

Create a Landing Page

Create a landing page for newsletter signups using Mailchimp or wherever you host your email list. Simply plug it in your Story with a link.

You can do this in Create Mode with text or physically talk to the camera and explain why people should click the link and sign up for your list. I like to throw it in Create Mode, with a black background, and say something like:

Create Mode

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When plugging for emails, the goal is to keep it simple:

  1. Explain why people should sign up.
  2. Drop the link.

You can say something like, “Every week, I give my thoughts on the real estate market, a discount to one of my favorite restaurants, and I showcase my listings. If you’re interested in receiving this information, hit the link below.”

People want to know about the real estate market, and they want to receive information about their community, even if it’s from a jackass like you. 

Downloadable PDFs and Ebooks

The second method is to create a downloadable PDF or ebook—something of value you can exchange for an email.

BAM pumps out ebooks like we’re the Paul Brothers pumping out knockoff Gatorade. We create ebooks because we want to provide value, of course, but I wouldn’t be writing these things if they didn’t get emails in exchange. 

You’re probably thinking, what the hell would I write an ebook on Instagram Hacks? Well, you probably won’t, but you can create something of value like a Seller Guide or a First Time Buyer Guide. Something more detailed than a blog post, with graphics and visuals to make it look legit. 

A site we recommend for this is Leadpages. It allows you to create a landing page and upload whatever PDF you want. All your followers have to do is put in their email, and it gets sent straight to their inbox. 

Similar to my first tip, go to Create Mode or Story Mode and say, “I created a First-Time Buyer Guide that has everything you need and everything you should be thinking about if you’re in the market to buy a house. Click the link to download your free copy.” 

You can also ask people to comment or DM you “Buyer Guide” and then message them with the link. This drives comments, provides value, and gets you emails. 

Use the Question Sticker

The third way to get emails is to go to your Story, use the Question Sticker, and say something like:

Instagram Question Sticker

People will put their emails into your question box, and you can manually put those into your email list. 

All these methods provide something of value, take little time, and are super replicable. You can plug your email list weekly if you switch up your methods. Make people feel like they are missing out on something if they aren’t subscribed. 

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