Every year, a surplus of new real estate agents join the industry, eager to start earning and climb to the top of their marketplace. Instead, most get lost in the crowd. When Brad McCallum started his real estate career, he had one goal: to make himself stand out from the local experts. 

Instead of focusing his attention on cold calling and door knocking, Brad bought some video equipment and started a YouTube channel. Because of this, he sold over $100M in the last 18 months – without prospecting. 

On this episode of the Over Ask Podcast, Brad shares how he built his business, his strategies for creating the best listing videos in real estate, and what fuels him to continuously evolve.

Stand Out in an Oversaturated Industry

When Brad first got his real estate license, he questioned why clients would want to work with him. Especially when there were plenty of local experts with 20+ years of experience. Knowing he couldn’t gain experience overnight, he focused attention on something no one else in his market was doing. Brad honed in on his creative side and started making memorable listing videos for his clients. 

These aren’t your typical listing videos that feature a Ferrari pulling up to the home; each video showcases the story of the property in innovative ways with incredible video skills. In turn, Brad’s YouTube channel has grown to over 26,000 subscribers, giving Brad the edge over his competition.

Make Your Value Obvious to Clients

It’s not just buyers that watch Brad’s listing videos. In fact, he shared with us that the videos don’t sell properties as well as a property tour does. Instead, videos show how much Brad cares about his clients. This branding has made Brad’s team such an obvious choice that sellers are coming to him. 

Sellers immediately know the value they will get when working with Brad: a tailored listing video that gets thousands of views. When he walks in for a listing presentation, many sellers are already excited to discuss the shots they want to be included in their video. By telling the stories of his sellers (and their homes), Brad doesn’t have to make a big pitch, because the clients already know what they are getting.

Staying on Top

Now that he’s made a name for himself in the industry, Brad is working to stay on top. He knows that there will always be people who come into the industry with fresh ideas and different perspectives, and he uses that competition as motivation to continuously innovate. 

Tune in to the full episode to learn more about how Brad got his start in video and why he continues to let creativity – rather than sales – build his business.