Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars to market yourself as a real estate agent. While print advertising isn’t completely outdated, social media platforms have made it much easier for agents to connect with their sphere of influence and potential future clients. Plus, it’s FREE!

Sure, the idea of putting yourself out there, especially on camera, might seem scary at first. I get it; I’ve been there too. Despite my childhood dreams of becoming an actress, the thought of facing the camera terrified me. But here’s the deal – it’s essential for growing your real estate business, and sometimes, you just have to embrace the fear and just do it, like Nike.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of content creation but aren’t sure where to start, don’t stress! I’ve been through the struggle, learned some valuable lessons, and I’m here to share my top four tips with you.

Find Your Authentic Voice

Embrace your true personality and style; you don’t need to be someone you’re not. Be real, relatable, and genuine in every part of your business and personal life. A real breakthrough happened when I recognized that the “me” people knew in person, the authentic personality that connected with others wasn’t shining through in my videos. I mistakenly thought I had to be two people – “real estate Alyssa” and “real life Alyssa.”

Finally, a light bulb went off, and I realized I needed to ditch the mask I thought I should wear. I had to be true to myself – the funny, oversharing, personal, real me – in every part of my business and my personal life.

Don’t Let Fear Stop You

Understand that the initial fear of being on camera is normal. Ease into it and start small by recording short videos and gradually increase the duration. In the initial stages of my video journey, I found myself trapped in a cycle of recording, deleting, re-recording, and getting frustrated because it never felt perfect. Hours would pass, and in the end, I’d delete everything and give up, feeling defeated with nothing to show it. 

Over time, I got better, more confident, and more comfortable. What used to take me hours now takes me minutes. You might fumble your words or forget what you want to say. And that’s okay. Mistakes are a part of life. But remember, practice makes perfect.

Consistency is Key

Commit to recording and posting at least one video per week. When you stick to a schedule, you immediately build your audience’s trust. In the beginning, I felt overwhelmed at the thought of having to post content all the time, but I knew it was important and I couldn’t give up. I made a deal with myself that I would record one completed video per week and post it no matter what. Looking back at some of those old videos, I cringe, but I did it.

Content Variety is Key

Mix up your posts to keep your audience engaged. Share not only real estate tips, but also personal stories, humor, and insights. Stories are a great way to showcase your “day in the life” content, which instantly makes you relatable to your audience. I’ve worked at diversifying my posts and embracing vulnerability by sharing some of my own personal life events.

4 Videos Realtors Need to Make

Let’s dive into four examples from my Instagram that demonstrate a variety of content strategies:

#1—Green Screen Versatility

Utilizing green screens is an effective method for delivering informative content while keeping your audience engaged. It adds movement and depth to your videos, making them more engaging than static posts.

#2—An Essential Hook

It’s essential to capture your audience’s attention right from the beginning of your video to ensure they stay engaged throughout.

#3—Creative Carousels

Carousels offer a different format to break up the content flow, and they allow you to incorporate branding colors.

#4—Injecting Humor

Adding humor to your content can be a valuable approach. It demonstrates your local knowledge and adds a personal touch to connect with your audience. For instance, my impromptu video about Ybor in my town not only highlights my community, but also injects humor, giving my brand a unique personality.

I never imagined I’d be where I am today compared to where I started a year and a half ago. Yet, by embracing authenticity, staying consistent, building courage and confidence (which naturally grows with consistency), and keeping my content fresh, I’ve achieved more than I ever thought possible.

If you’ve been contemplating creating content but fear lacking confidence or comfort, don’t stress! Start with something simple, don’t overthink it, and just take the plunge. JUST DO IT! Your journey begins with that first step.