Instagram has got to be the most buggy, frustrating social platform in existence. Just when you think you have it all figured out, a new update or “stealth” algorithmic change gets implemented and all of a sudden what was working yesterday is no longer working today. Story views are all over the place, Reels are either viral or complete flops, and the engagement rate on standard feed posts goes back and forth more than that indecisive buyer you’ve been wasting your time with for 18 months. 

My point is that nobody has it all figured out, and it’s impossible to keep track of best practices unless you’re a full-time content creator or a complete psychopath like me. But, I have good news. Over the years I have developed an indirect solution that has stood the test of time and has helped grow @TheBrokeAgent account consistently for over eight years: 


What do I mean by variety?


You need to mix up the feed. Try posting a healthy mix of Reels, still image posts, green screens, screenshots of Tweets, text-convos, carousels, collab, etc. If you look at my feed you will rarely see the same posting style too many times in a row. 

This is because I know that people like to consume content differently. This helps alleviate the algorithmic peaks and valleys that seem to favor one posting style over the other at any given time. 

A lot of agents fall into the trap of creating ONE style of content and sticking to it. Even if these are high-quality, talking-head Reel videos, you will start to notice that people begin to tune out after so many. If you keep uploading the same style of post over and over then there is no mystery for the viewer, and they will start to scroll by.


Don’t just mix up your style, mix up the actual concepts of your content. If you find yourself talking about the same topic you need to switch it up. Post about your hobbies, your family, your market, the housing market on a macro-level, your listings, your clients, your experiences, your stories, etc. Don’t become a one-trick pony. Check out @KrysBenyamein’s feed as an example. 

Krys Benyamein IG

Krys is always switching up what he’s talking about. At a glance, he’s got “The Best Ice Cream Restaurants,” listing tours, just closed videos, funny skits, content advice for agents, podcast clips, and family photos. You never know what you’re going to get from him, and it makes him a really fun and intriguing follow. 

If all your content looks the same and talks about the same thing, it will be difficult to grow, and you will be more susceptible to IG’s changes. 

Show your versatility and have some fun with it. Hope this helps!

Btw, variety is one of the SEVEN Pillars of Instagram Growth that I talk about in our IG course in BAMx

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