Every agent wants a growing sphere of people that know, like and trust them. Because when your sphere is big enough, referrals start piling in. 

Nurturing your sphere as a new agent

When you’re starting off brand new in this business, it might seem daunting to reach out to your sphere of influence:

No matter how much time you have in the industry, there are people you connect with regularly. Here’s a simple way to start nurturing your sphere:

  • Create a list of 100 people that you know. Don’t know 100? Figure it out. After family and close friends, including your hairdresser, local bartender, people from your gym, and parents at your child’s school…you get the idea. And when all else fails, start going through your Facebook friends list. Chances are, you’re connected to way more people than you realize. 
  • Reach out to each person on the list. Don’t ask for business. Simply share your excitement about coming into this new industry.

Something you should always do on Day One is to share your excitement with a hundred people. Make it known you are committed to becoming the best agent you can be. 

Growing your sphere

By creating long-standing relationships with every single client you work with, they eventually turn into somebody who’s part of your database. 

Generally speaking, your sphere is your family and your friends to start. Eventually, your past clients will join your sphere, and the people your sphere refers you to. It will be people you know in the community, restaurant owners whose establishments you frequent, the other parents in organizations that your kids are associated with. 

These are all people that know you and should know what you do. Don’t be a secret agent. 

Now, setting up systems to consistently stay top of mind with your sphere is how you get leads from all these people that you know. Let’s go through some methods you can set up on your calendar to keep in touch with your sphere. 


A drop-by is a gift-giving tactic for your sphere. You could put together a Super Bowl Sunday kit with chips, salsa, some football gear, and drop it off before the big game. Another idea is a summer-themed gift as schools are getting out. 

This is something that can be branded to your company. 

Get creative with your drop-bys with Giftology, a book on gift-giving. It gives tons of reasons to stop by at people’s house, other than saying, “Hello.” 

When birthdays roll around, giving people in your sphere some type of gift will stand out. Have a system within your CRM that notifies you automatically or orders cupcakes. Glennda Baker, down in Atlanta, does a great job with this. 

Handwritten letters

In the world of texting, going a little bit above and beyond and writing an authentic, handwritten letter is really powerful. 

When you see someone in your sphere or know they have a big event or something coming up that’s very special, thank them or acknowledge them with a handwritten letter. 

It’s another way to make a difference and to stay in touch with the people in your sphere. 

Phone conversations

This is the best version of working your sphere: just calling them and saying, Hello.

Tom Ferry says block two to three hours a day for making calls. Make sure some of that time is reserved for people in your sphere. 

Don’t call and talk about real estate. Call and just check-in. They already know you’re doing real estate if you’re doing a good job marketing yourself. 

Maybe their kid made an all-star team. Hey! Saw Jimmy made the all-star team. Awesome! Way to go! Show them that you are invested in them and their lives, and it will reciprocate back to you. 

Text messages

Ninety-nine percent of text messages are read. So, send people quick text messages when you see something going on. 

Send them a text message if you don’t get them on the phone. Have multiple text conversations going on. Each transaction right now happens after countless check-ins because you never know when someone in your sphere will be looking to buy or sell. So, you’ll need to get used to having a lot of conversations. 


On your personal Facebook profile, create lists to separate your sphere. Create a list for people you know you can get business from (the insurance agent, the restaurant owner, the past client).

Go through your lists and make sure you’re wishing people a happy birthday. It’s a great reason to reach out to your sphere. If you’re the first to wish people in your sphere a happy birthday, they will remember that. So, if you have a system every morning to go through the birthdays, it will be very memorable. 

You can also send direct messages in the Facebook platform. See something interesting or exciting? Don’t just comment on their post—comment and send them a DM to stand out. 

Create monthly social events 

You can do this easily at the end of the year. Plan out twelve social events for the following year, and put them into your calendar. You can even connect people in your sphere with other people.

These could be mini 12-person dinners or larger-scale events. If you go more intimate—say an 8-person wine-tasting, where you’re matching up couples you know would like other couples—you are now the host of this great party. 

You are the one introducing new friends, and they are now creating strong relationships. And they will remember who connected them. 

Join clubs

Join the golf club, tennis club, or any club you would enjoy in your community. This is a really powerful way to hang out with people you want in your sphere. Continue to strengthen those relationships. 

People want to refer business to like-minded people, people they hang out with, and people who are interested in the same things. You can meet new people and strengthen relationships with the people you already know inside these local community clubs. 

Now, it’s your turn. 

That sums up seven tactics for working your sphere of influence to level up your communication skills and grow your real estate business. 

Strengthening your sphere is a long-term game. It’s one you will reap the benefits from for years to come—but only if you start building now.