People always talk about how to get business as a real estate agent, but rarely do we dive into the crucial steps needed to kickstart your journey. 

Before you start perfecting your scripts or creating social media posts, you have to lay down the groundwork for long-term success. These simple yet essential steps will ensure you’re ready to scale when the time comes. 

Trust me, your future income-producing self will be immensely grateful for taking these proactive measures!

#1—Establish a Business Entity

Setting up a business entity isn’t only about financial management; it’s a strategic move to maximize your earning potential and keep the most of those commission checks. 

Real estate agents have unlimited earning potential. And along with that comes a variety of (sometimes hefty) expenses. Operating under a business entity, such as an LLC or S Corp, allows you to deduct these expenses, significantly reducing your taxable income. 

I believe that real estate agents should be required to do this—we are operating businesses after all. The process of establishing an LLC or S Corp varies by state, but it is universally simple and inexpensive. 

The benefits of establishing a business entity extend beyond tax deductions. It allows you to open business banking accounts and pull lines of credit. It also provides you with limited liability protection, safeguarding your personal assets. 

To decide which entity is right for your business, consult with a legal advisor to determine the entity type that best aligns with your business goals. 

Once established, prioritize educating yourself on the expense categories relevant to real estate and leverage financial management software. 

This proactive approach ensures accurate financial tracking and stress-free tax seasons.

#2—Own Your Domain

As a producing real estate agent who recently switched brokerages, I cannot emphasize this enough—own your own domain! 

I utilized my brokerage-provided email address for 3.5 years—and now I am out 3.5 years of emails. Owning your domain means establishing a professional, credible presence online. 

Take advantage of readily available website templates on platforms like Squarespace to purchase your domain and build a cost-effective, user-friendly website. 

For those with a higher initial budget, consider options like Curaytor or Luxury Presence for an elevated presentation and sophisticated analytics integration. 

Tap into Google Workspace to create a domain-specific email address that boosts your professional image and safeguards your client communication channel. 

Consider your domain a long-term asset in your real estate career because that is exactly what it is. It is the foundation of long-term brand consistency, regardless of market or brokerage changes. It’s an investment in your professional identity.

#3—Utilize a CRM from the Start

Starting your career with a well-tended CRM as a staple of your business will pay off tenfold.

Honestly, it is easy to get caught up in managing a smaller sphere of influence and a few leads in your head. But don’t fall into that trap. 

If you are good, and I assume you are, that small number can skyrocket quickly, and things will inevitably slip through the cracks if your customer relationship management systems are not honed in. 

Take advice from any successful real estate agent; they will say to start utilizing a CRM out the gates. This is one of the best habits you can form in this industry. 

Real estate is a relationship-based business and having a system for maintaining these relationships is crucial. By investing time and effort into mastering your CRM from day one, you’re not just organizing your contacts; you’re laying the groundwork for a scalable and sustainable business.

#4—Design Your Lead Pillars

Understanding successful lead generation pillars in real estate will significantly improve your odds of generating leads right out of the gates. 

It is important to build an intentional strategy around what lead generating tactics you plan to employ. Pick the ones that spark your excitement and play to your unique strengths. This is where your efforts will yield the most profitable results. 

Don’t feel pressured to try everything or get distracted chasing a new trend; it’s about finding what genuinely works for you and sticking to it. 

It is also important to consider your budget from the start, allowing you to choose strategies that are both effective and manageable. Embrace the fact that you are green and spend time learning enthusiastically. 

Podcasts, books, and coaching programs are your cheat code to amplify success quickly. 

Confidence and authenticity are your best allies in the world of real estate, so building your strategy around lead generation that allows you to quickly build up knowledge and confidence will set the tone for a successful career. 

These foundational steps are critical to building a business that scales and evolves with you. By starting here, you can design a future where your business grows along with your ambition, setting you up to win in this industry.