We all know the holidays are an easy way to add client and sphere touch points, and I cannot emphasize this enough – no one needs another canned holiday email or text. 

Let’s make 2024 the year we upgrade our efforts! With January behind us, let’s kick it off with how to level up the typical Valentine’s Day gestures into an email collection opportunity using a simple lead magnet.

Leveraging Local Connections

Katie Lucie lead magnet

My Valentine’s Day event started with supporting one of my favorite local boutiques, owned and operated by a woman in my networking group. She has an annual Galantine’s Day event that’s a pretty big deal. Here, she gives attendees swag bags filled with contributions from various local businesses. But instead of the usual branded giveaways that often find their way to the trash, I decided on a more subtle yet powerful approach. (It was also extremely quick to implement as I didn’t have time to order any new items).

The execution was simple. I transformed my ordinary branded notepads into compelling lead magnets. Each notepad, wrapped in an elegant ribbon, featured a label with my picture, contact info, and a QR code. This QR code, linked to my Linktree, prompted them to enter their email address in return for entrance to a lavish spa day giveaway at my favorite local spa. Everyone loves a good spa day, and as a sponsor featured on the boutique’s website, my presence in the swag bag stood out amidst a sea of generic branded items.

Katie Lucie lead magnet

Knowing my audience and offering them real value created a win-win situation: they got a shot at a free spa day, and I got their emails, neatly tagged in my CRM as event attendees for future real estate conversations.

Repurposing the Plan to Expand the Impact

To get the most out of my lead magnet, I thought why not add this same giveaway campaign to my print mailers and social platforms? 

My first planned mailer of February is a local market report designed to catch the homeowner’s eye. On its flip side, I added the spa giveaway beckoned, ready for 1,500 homes in my geographical farm

They just had to scan the QR code and enter their emails for a chance at the $200 spa treat. This strategy wasn’t just simple; it was a smart strategy to incorporate the QR code to capture their emails to build on my current digital retargeting efforts.

Katie Lucie Valentine's Day giveaway

And then, there’s social media. Inspired by Lindsey Jo‘s Starbucks strategy, I crafted an Instagram story to promote the giveaway. Using ManyChat, I set up an engaging, interactive process to capture those valuable email addresses.

Each step of this strategy was designed to not only get attention and find one happy winner but to intentionally convert that attention into a growing email list of engaged community members, allowing me to get one step closer to winning over new leads and opportunities as the local go-to real estate resource.