Unlocking the secrets to Instagram growth isn’t just about luck—it’s about strategy. Today, I’m excited to share with you the essential content tips you need to know to achieve explosive Instagram growth in 2024.

The Conversational Hook

These hooks are authentic, not gimmicky, and they feel genuine. I’m sure you can relate—I’m tired of being lured in by a hook only to find out I need to read the caption for more info. 

Here are a few conversational hooks you can take inspo from: 

“We had a situation go down…” Ever faced a nightmare home inspection or a seller who is super unreasonable? Think about real stories that captivate your audience. 

“I just had one of the most insane conversations…” Imagine a buyer who felt homeownership was out of reach, only to find a way forward, transforming their family’s future. Remember that the client is the hero of this story, not us.

“The most unexpected thing just happened… Share a story of how a buyer secured their dream home with just 1% down and a grant program. Break it down for the audience with real numbers. Share the actual cash amount they brought to settlement and their monthly payment.

“We need to have a talk.” Share the actual home-buying timeline. If a buyer wants to be settled into their new home by April, the clock is ticking. It typically takes around 30 days to find the right home and another 30 days for settlement. So, if they haven’t started looking yet, now’s the time to hit the ground running.

Check out Kyle Toomey‘s Reel where he showcases his Airbnb experience, highlighting the power of a genuine conversational hook. 

Pop Culture Reference 

Inject some star power into your real estate content by envisioning homes for celebrities. Take inspiration from Allie Pastore‘s Reel where she selects a house she would sell to Kim Kardashian in Tucson, AZ. 

By tapping into pop culture, you not only engage your audience but also position yourself as a local real estate expert. Check out the Reel here: 

Alternatively, you can do a deep dive into celebrity real estate portfolios, just like Katie Kenny did with Taylor Swift’s $150 million real estate portfolio. Explore the homes of the rich and famous, drawing insights and inspiration from their choices. This approach not only adds a fun element to your content but also showcases your knowledge of the industry. Check out Katie’s Reel for inspiration: 

A Sassy Carousel

Mackenzie Larch nailed it with a lifestyle photo and her bold statement, “I don’t care if you actually buy or sell.” 

This immediately grabs attention, and you feel compelled to swipe. A Realtor that doesn’t care if you buy or sell? What??? 

But here’s the twist: as you swipe, she reassures you that she’s here as a resource, regardless of your timeline. It’s a refreshing take on real estate that puts your needs first. Check out Mackenzie’s carousel for inspiration: 

The Blooper Reel

People adore bloopers for several reasons: 

  1. They showcase authenticity, proving you’re not always perfectly buttoned up. 
  2. They’re incredibly engaging and entertaining from start to finish. 
  3. They demonstrate your dedication to delivering quality content as you persist through mistakes to provide your followers with a great final product.

Check out Alyssa McIntyre’s Reel for inspiration on embracing bloopers and showcasing authenticity.

Educate without being boring

Thea Velic does a great job of showcasing education in a fun way. She makes housing market insights interesting by mixing informative content with cool visuals. By adding fast-paced screenshots of housing market articles, she keeps the eye engaged while educating her followers. Check out Thea’s Reel here: 

The Content Upgrade

Use a listicle-based post strategy. Create a carousel post featuring tips, tricks, or facts related to real estate. 

On the last slide, prompt your audience with “Want five more tips to [topic]?”

Then, utilize ManyChat to set up a trigger word. In the caption, invite followers to comment the trigger word to receive five additional tips delivered straight to their inbox. This not only showcases your expertise but also allows you to collect valuable contact information from your Instagram followers. Make sure your tips are engaging and genuinely useful to your audience’s interests and needs.

Bonus Content Tip

Here’s a little extra nugget of wisdom for you. If you’re finding it tough to boost engagement, reach, and overall IG growth, think about why people should feel relieved to find your account. 

For instance, what would someone say to fill in this blank when stumbling upon your account: “Finally! An account that _____.”

If you can’t answer that, it’s time to rethink your strategy. But if you can, then focus on creating content that immediately communicates the value you bring to your audience.

For me, when people stumble upon my account, I want them to say, “Wow, finally a real estate account that’s human.” 

I aim to showcase the authentic side of being a Realtor, sprinkled with a touch of vulnerability. It’s the authenticity that helps me develop connections with my audience.

Check out my Reel here for some authenticity inspo: