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  • RealScout has officially released RealScout Pro+ — its newest and most ambitious platform upgrade since 2012, with additional CRM integrations, large database support, and the new Auto Nurture feature that automates listing alerts, home value alerts, and market updates. 
  • RealScout Pro+ is available now to teams and brokerages. It will be available to individual agents in 2024. 

There are countless lead generation tools available for real estate agents. Many of them provide an abundance of top-of-funnel lends, predominantly buyer leads, which then sit in your database. But they’re also stashed away in the databases of numerous other agents in your market. 

And yet, when faced with challenging markets, a lot of agents are more likely to run out and buy more leads, rather than focus on the ones already in their CRM. It’s why Andrew Flachner, President and Co-founder of RealScout, told BAM in an interview:

The reality is that most agents have what they think of as a database, but it’s really a ‘dead-a-base.’ And that’s a database that consists of dead leads (and) stale leads.

Andrew Flachner

President and Co-founder of RealScout

Founded in 2012, RealScout has earned a number of industry awards and become an indispensable lead nurturing tool for real estate agents, teams, and brokerages.

And now, the industry’s number one platform for agent-client collaboration is announcing its most ambitious update yet: RealScout Pro+, with a focus on automating lead nurture through set-it-and-forget-it database marketing. 

Read on to learn more. 

Auto Nurture—Less Work, More Lead Conversion

Auto Nurture, the flagship feature of RealScout Pro+, uses AI to automate listing alerts, home value alerts, and market activity alerts, all with natural language, taking a critically important and time-consuming task off the agent calendar while consistently delivering value to your clients and prospects. 

With an expanded list of CRM integrations and large database support, teams and brokerages as well as agents can take advantage of Auto Nurture, allowing agents to spend more of their time on high-ROI activities. As Byron Lazine puts it,

It’s unlocking deals that would be going to other agents because they are just sitting there in the nurture pile.

Byron Lazine

Once given access to your database, Auto Nurture takes RealScout’s lead nurture technology to the next level by automating high-engagement listing alerts, market activity alerts, and the brand new Home Value Alerts. 


Source: RealScout

And Auto Nurture isn’t just for buyers. It treats each contact in your database—whether hot or cold, a buyer, seller, or homeowner—to a best-in-class consumer experience, with you as the point person in every interaction. In an interview with BAM, Flachner stated,

It’s not the skillset. It’s the tool set. If you think about it, you have a database that consists of buyers, consists of sellers, and for the vast majority of your database or your CRM, your database consists of people who are in between those buying and selling moments. And if you have the right tools to nurture them, you can be top of mind when they raise their hand and say ‘I’m ready to buy,’ or ‘I’m ready to sell.’

Andrew Flachner

President and Co-founder of RealScout

Listing Leads with Home Value Alerts

A key marketing tool included in RealScout Pro+ is the Home Value Alert sent out by Auto Nurture. Designed to nurture homeowners who may be thinking about selling their homes, these alerts give them multiple automated valuation estimates, including the Zestimate®

Home Value Alerts directs all inquiries back to the agent as the primary guide and information source. When consumers see varying home value estimates, they are inclined to learn what number is the most accurate, leading to more conversations with those thinking about selling. 

Gary Ashton, leader of the #1 RE/MAX team on the planet, piloted Home Value Alerts with a segment of his FollowUp Boss CRM. 

I was overwhelmed with new leads just 20 days after launching RealScout Pro+ with Auto Nurture. It resulted in messages from 49 seller leads, representing a potential listing volume of $24.2M and a potential GCI of $605,000!

Gary Ashton

Leader of the world’s #1 RE/MAX team

RealScout Pro+ with Auto Nurture is available now for teams and brokerages wherever RealScout services are offered. Access for individual agents will be available in 2024—and you can expect more to come. Flachner told BAM,

This is the debut of these features. There’s going to be a lot more to share.

Andrew Flachner

President and Co-founder of RealScout

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