You won’t find any garbage CRMs that don’t scale here. What you will find is a list of the best CRMs for real estate agents. 

Some were designed by agents – or with agents in mind. Others have been around for decades, fine-tuned for sales professionals in any industry. 

Our goal here is to make it easier for you to find the CRM you’ll want to stick with for years or, better yet, for as long as you’re in the business. 

We’re not playing favorites, either. We know what works for us, but we’re not everybody. And you know your business needs and work style better than we do. 

Let’s get started. 

The 7 Best CRMs for Real Estate Agents


#1 – Boomtown

Boomtown has made a name for itself among agents as the number one user-rated real estate CRM. The Success Assurance tool monitors your database and nurtures leads so you can make the best use of your time and convert more prospects into happy clients. 

Branding itself as the ‘Customer Experience Management Company,’ Boomtown combines lead generation, IDX websites, an intelligent CRM, lead management, and more into flexible packages that scale with your business. 

As the #1 user-rated real estate CRM, it offers packages designed for businesses at different stages of growth. 

#2 – FollowUp Boss (no IDX website)

FollowUp Boss brands itself as “your sales-obsessed technology partner.” Simple and complete – with everything in one place – this CRM’s chief aim is to help you get face-to-face with more of your prospects, so you can give your clients a first-class experience and close more deals. 

The intuitive software can import and distribute leads from 200+ sources. It can also instantly assign leads to agents, respond to new leads, and send reminders and notifications to agents.

It can even tell you whom to call and when. As new leads and inbound calls flow in, the software automatically adds them to Action Plans and sends emails and texts. 

FollowUp Boss does not have an IDX website option. However, this enables you to choose your host and website. If you make changes to your website down the road, it does not affect your CRM.

#3 – Sierra Interactive 

Sierra Interactive offers IDX websites, lead gen services, and CRM solutions to residential real estate professionals and organizations. 

Branded as the most powerful end-to-end real estate platform, it provides a full suite of CRM features, which is broken down in its Real Estate CRM: from lead routing and action plans to ringless voicemails and mass messaging to activity tracking and market reports. 

Pricing starts at $299.95 a month for the CRM-only package, which puts it at a higher price point than some of the other CRMs on our list. 

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#4 – LionDesk 

LionDesk describes itself as “The Only CRM You’ll Ever Need.” Like others on the list, it focuses on lead management and automated tools to help you manage your business, get more face-time with your prospects, stay top of mind, and close more deals. 

LionDesk ties together CRM, transaction management, and lead generation tools, along with a power dialer and integrations with hundreds of best-in-class companies. 

Priced from $99 to $219 a month and offering a generous 30-day free trial, LionDesk makes it easy to get acquainted with all its features – including auto-drip campaigns, video texting, and Lead Assist, which uses AI to qualify leads. 

#5 – Real Geeks 

Real Geeks CRM is designed for one purpose: to help you succeed as a real estate agent. With over 7,000 customers, a 600% average ROI, 8K active mastermind members, and over 100 5-star reviews, Real Geeks promises to help you generate more leads and win more deals. 

The brains behind Real Geeks are constantly researching best practices for the industry, interviewing customers, and talking to coaches to create the best CRM by and for agents.

Check out their Keeping It Real podcast and blog to learn more. And watch the demo to get acquainted with the CRM and its features. 

#6 – MoxiWorks (no IDX website)

Also designed for agents, the MoxiWorks CRM – MoxiEngage – is the only real estate CRM that can send automated emails with market snapshots, personalized for each of your contacts to keep them up to date – at no added cost. 

Agents who make full use of MoxiEngage’s features have reported a 52% increase in sales volume – and up to 85% more transactions. The user-friendly and customizable dashboard keeps you organized and on task, so you can get more of the important things done. 

Contact the MoxiWorks sales team for information on pricing and free trial periods. 

#7 – Zoho (no IDX website)

The Zoho CRM is a fully-customizable, end-to-end CRM solution for growing businesses. While not designed specifically for real estate agents, it’s well-suited to anyone working in sales who wants to prioritize customer relationships and ensure no lead is left behind. 

Zoho CRM is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, offering a simplified user interface,  customizable modules (to fit your workflow), and practical automation, as well as a conversational AI sales assistant (“Zia”) and extensive third-party integrations. 

Zoho has a free version for up to three users, with some limitations. Paid plans start at $20/month – or $14/month if paid annually. Contact for a free demo.

Which CRM will you try first?

Once you’ve identified your top three, pick one to get better acquainted with this week. Set up a demo or start a free trial. Download the app and explore all the features.