We didn’t know it when we first met, but BAM has been in the making for years. 

Eric Simon spent the past seven years building The Broke Agent during that same time, Byron Lazine built a media company to service clients. 

Put them together and BAM – we’re launching a game-changer for the real estate industry.

And today is day ONE.

(If you want the full story of how we met and teamed up, tune into today’s Over Ask Podcast).

What is Broke Agent Media?

BAM is edutainment. BAM is a news outlet. BAM is humor. And it’s all about bettering the real estate industry.

What can I expect from BAM?

Here’s a lineup of what you can expect, with more coming soon:

New Podcasts Monday – Friday

Daily Blogs and Articles

Daily blogs provide you with everything you need to stay informed and improve your business – no paywall required. Every day, BAM is reporting on:

  • RE News
  • Agent Marketing
  • Agent Tactics
  • Housing Market 
  • Humor

Influential Contributors

There are so many things to focus on as a real estate agent, broker, or team lead – it can quickly become overwhelming. So we’ve rounded up people who are the best in the industry in different areas – marketing, negotiating, building a team, and more – to share their tactics on BAM. 

Here’s a peek at some of BAM’s contributors:

  • Matt Lionetti
  • Dan O’Neil
  • James & David
  • Tom Toole
  • Taya Dicarlo
  • Jason Cassity
  • Jason Pantana
  • David Childers
  • Dustin Brohm
  • Haley Ingram
  • Ben Fisher
  • Tessa Bella
  • Andy Griesinger
  • Paige Steckling
  • Sterling Granger
  • The Handsome Homebuyer

Interested in joining this list and becoming a contributor? Contact us.

Continuing Ed

Aside from free resources uploaded daily, we’re committed to bringing edutainment to the industry. Take a look at our first course. We promise you won’t be bored. 

Continuing Ed: What Real Estate School didn’t teach you and your broker can’t teach you…

And More…