If your email subscribers are deleting more of your emails than they read (let alone click through), your emails could be too general. 

It might sound backwards, but the more you try to appeal to as many subscribers as possible—by making your focus so broad it could apply to almost anyone—the more your open rate tends to sink into oblivion. 

Imagine throwing flyers from a helicopter. Some might land in the right hands, but most end up as litter, trampled underfoot, and eventually collected and tossed in a bin. 

That’s what generic email blasts can feel like to recipients: just more inbox clutter, all too easy to delete and instantly forget. 

Because it doesn’t feel personal, it doesn’t feel important. 

People crave information that’s relevant to them. They’re more likely to open and engage with emails tailored to their specific needs and interests. 

This is where email segmentation comes in. 

4 Benefits of Email Segmentation for Real Estate Agents

Email segmentation allows you to send more targeted emails to the people in your database based on specific needs and interests, as well as on their place in the funnel. 

We’ve seen four consistent benefits to this email strategy:

  1. Higher Open Rates: When your email speaks directly to someone’s interests, like first-time buyers, they’re more likely to open it.
  2. Increased Click-Through Rates: Targeted content with relevant calls to action will drive more people to click on your links (website visits, contact forms).
  3. Improved Conversions: By addressing specific needs and pain points, you’re more likely to convert readers into leads and clients.
  4. Stronger Relationships: Segmentation shows you care; sending tailored emails fosters trust and creates a more personalized experience.

Once you’ve got your email list segmented, you need to know what to send the people in each segment. Because if your subject line doesn’t grab your audience’s attention, and the impulse to pare down the number of emails is stronger than their curiosity about your subject line, they’ll most likely delete your message without reading it.

But if you can give them a compelling reason to pause and at least skim over your email, you’re more likely to get clicks on a link that takes them to a lead magnet you’ve created for them—or a page on your site that offers something of interest. 

For now, let’s focus on first-time homebuyers

Steal these 9 email ideas for first-time homebuyers

Not only do we not mind if you steal all nine of these email ideas for first-time homebuyers, we’re asking you to do just that! 

However you choose to implement these, you’ve now got nine ideas to share with the first-time homebuyers on your list. And if they’re serious about buying a home within the next 12 months, at least some of these ideas will get their attention. 

The tricky part will be deciding which one to use first. 

3 Email ideas for building confidence and knowledge

The first set is all about empowering your first-time buyers with knowledge to make them more confident about navigating the homebuying process for the first time—with your help. 

#1— “A First-Time Homebuyer’s Guide” 

In the body of this email, offer a downloadable checklist or resource guide. Think about the questions you’ve had as a homebuyer or questions you’ve been asked: 

  • About the homebuying process
  • About searching online for homes and setting up appointments for showings
  • About things homeowners wish they’d known when they were first-time buyers

#2— “Debunking Common First-Time Homebuyer Myths”

With this, you’ll address financial concerns to correct widespread misconceptions about— 

  • Getting pre-qualified
  • Down payments (addressing myths like “You have to put down 20%.”)
  • Closing costs (to put the horror stories they’ve heard into perspective)

#3— “Glossary of Real Estate Terms: Speak Like a Pro!” 

Not knowing key real estate terms can make first-time buyers feel lost and overwhelmed—and less likely to want to move forward, even if now is the best time for them to do so. 

Define common terms like pre-approval, closing costs, etc. to help them feel more competent and in control of the process. 

3 Email ideas for financing and affordability

Next up are email ideas on topics that loom large in the minds of most first-time homebuyers. 

#4— “Down Payment Strategies: Save Smarter, Buy Sooner”

Share tips for saving money for a down payment and on down payment assistance programs to help buyers understand their options when it comes to down payments. 

#5— “Understanding Mortgage Options: Finding the Right Fit” 

Explain different loan types—conventional, jumbo, FHA, and VA loans—and first-time buyer programs that could reduce upfront costs and make homeownership more attainable. 

#6— “Estimate Your Monthly Mortgage Payments”

Link to a mortgage calculator on your website to help buyers translate a home’s listing price into the amount they would be paying on a monthly basis—just for the mortgage (not counting additional housing costs like insurance, homeowner association fees, property taxes, etc.). 

3 Email ideas for finding the perfect property

The final three email ideas focus on helping first-time homebuyers choose the right home in the right neighborhood for them. 

#7— “Choosing the Right Neighborhood for You”

Highlight neighborhood amenities, schools, and commute times, as well as any details mentioned by first-time buyers you’ve connected with. If one buyer tells you they want to know X about their first home’s neighborhood, most likely other buyers will be interested, too. 

#8— “The Art of the Open House: Tips for Making the Most of Your Visits”

Offer etiquette tips, questions to ask, and other tips that can help first-time buyers get the most from an open house, including the answers they need about a particular home or about the homebuying process. 

#9— “New Listings Alert: Homes in Your Budget & Preferred Area”

Send targeted emails with listings that match what clients specifically want, based on what they tell you when they respond to a brief questionnaire you can send beforehand. 

Bonus tip: Back it all up with something tangible

Allow your email subscribers to opt into receiving your personally branded printed magazine

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They’re an exceptionally effective means for staying top of mind; and you can get a free sample of our most recent issue!

*2023 ReminderMedia Reader Study; conducted by GfK MRI-Simmons