There are countless voices, influencers, and companies trying to sell you something, and many of them have really enticing pitches. But, if you’re serious about growing your business, you need to stop listening to them—and focus instead on the one voice that matters and aligns with your business and personality.

I recently came out of a bit of a real estate hiatus. I’ve been in the industry for 10 years, but five years ago, I had my first child. And then my second. Becoming a mom of little ones was hard—like, really hard. Some moms figure out how to do it all, (or at least their social media seems to suggest that they somehow cracked the code), but I was not one of them.

I chose to take a step back to be more present with my kids, my family and myself. I still worked mind you (I sold over $7 million a year for a couple of years in a row), but it was a very part-time, pick-and-choose-your-clients-type business, and not prospecting-for-future-type-business. I knew I would come to regret that at some point, but hey…it just wasn’t my time.

This is not something I regret, but it’s been challenging coming back full-time after taking a break. Especially in the middle of 8% interest rates and record-low sales. I mean, what the heck!

Returning to Full-Time Status

I was excited to get back into the game properly with both my kids attending school for the first time this summer. Hello Freedom! (IYKYK)

The first thing I wanted to do was rebrand my business and redo my website (which I am in the middle of right now!). I’ve been having a lot of fun with it; I’ve always been a marketing girl at heart. But as I was doing this, I realized that it wasn’t just a rebrand. I had to overhaul everything to be more relevant to my audience.

I started tuning more into the resources BAM provides and found the content super helpful. But as I was looking more at BAM, I also started getting advertised to by A LOT of other different companies telling me what to do. Holy moly. Whether it was Instagram influencers, real estate agents who are “selling their secrets,” coaches, mentors, my own brokerage, YouTube influencers, TikTok stars…the list goes on. 

Quite frankly, it became ridiculously overwhelming. I laid awake at night stressing out about how my ideal website needed to look, creating more lead magnets, wondering what I needed to post and how many times I needed to post, figuring out trending audio, while trying to figure out my next YouTube video, and of course feeling super frustrated that my YouTube video only got like 56 views. 

I would get good ideas about content to post and then get busy doing actual real estate work. Or, I’d be taking my kids to soccer, fail to post, and then beat myself up about not posting.

You get my drift.

So, as we’re all navigating through new times in the industry, I want to share three tips that are helping me focus on what’s really important in my business. 

#1—Start With ONE Thing

Recently, I realized something important and want to share it with you. All these other influencers are also just trying to influence you and sell you something. So rather than trying to listen to everyone and do everything that is working for other people, figure out one place to start. 

Whether you’re hitting record on YouTube, cold calling, Instagramming, TikTokking, or blogging (pre-kids this was my specialty), it doesn’t even really matter. Just find the one thing that is going to be easiest for you to start with, and DO that. Because if you’re half-assing 20 things (pardon my language) you might as well not do it at all. We’re professional real estate agents and need to look like we’ve got our sh*t at least a little bit together. You owe it to your clients.

#2—Keep Going

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t gain a good lead or 10K followers right away. Except for maybe three unicorn real estate agents, no one grew their multi-million dollar business overnight. 

Tom Storey didn’t become my favorite real estate YouTube over the course of two videos. It took him months of hard work. Lindsey Jo didn’t grow a following and very unique style after one hit Reel. She kept at it. 

Now, it’s absolutely possible Tom Toole was simply born with expert objection handling skills, but it’s also possible he practiced until he became the GOAT.

It’s going to take time, and it’s going to take commitment. If you try to do it all, you’ll just get discouraged (looking at myself here, too).

#3—Lean into the BAM Community

Of all the resources that have been thrown at me in the last few months, I have found BAM to be the most on-point, most relevant, and most entertaining resource of all.

Whether you’re a newer agent, a mom coming back from caring for kids, or just looking to step up your game, sign up for BAMx and start listening to the one voice in real estate that matters and is going to help you actually move your business forward.

You’ve got this! Just remember to have some fun, too!