For this episode, I went to ChatGPT and asked, “Why are agents hated so much?” And it gave me a list of four main reasons why people hate realtors. Today, we’re breaking these down because they’re important.

You know how when you start typing something into the Google search field, it starts populating the drop-down with suggestions, based on what other people have searched for? Try that with the words, “Why are real estate agents.” It’s educational. Here are a few of those suggestions: 

  • “Important”
  • “So rich”
  • “Paid so much”
  • “So lazy”
  • “Calling me”
  • “So rude”
  • “So pushy”

They weren’t all negative (one of the suggestions was “hot”), but you get the idea. 

Lots of people hate real estate agents—actually HATE them. So, what’s going on? What are so many agents doing to earn this kind of reaction? 

Back to my ChatGPT query, I thought, “What can it hurt to ask?” And as I mentioned earlier, ChatGPT’s response gave me four things people hate about real estate agents. 

It sounds terrible to say, but by avoiding these four things and not being a crappy real estate agent, you will stand out. But that shouldn’t be where you stop in your growth as a professional. 

Tune in and stay until the end to learn how you can continually grow and improve as a real estate professional (and as a person)—and stand out from the average agent. If you’re wondering why your clients are calling off or disappearing on you, or you just want to learn how to become one of the exceptional few in the real estate industry, you need to hear this. 

Listen to the podcast above or click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0007:18 Intro

07:18 Four reasons why people hate real estate agents

08:52 #1—Commission-based compensation 

11:37 #2—Lack of transparency

14:28 #3—Poor communication

16:57 #4—Negative personal experiences

19:20 How you can stand out—and reinvent the profession for your clients

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