On today’s episode of The Massive Agent Podcast, we’re talking about 12 signs you’re a crappy real estate agent. This is based on an article I read on HomeLight: “12 Clear Signs of a Bad Real Estate Agent—and What You Can Do About It.” This article was written for consumers, but we’re going to take those 12 signs from a different angle and break them down. 

I’m not going to elaborate on all of them, but I will do a deep dive on four because they are massively important. Most of the signs on the list are common sense, but apparently, they’re not common sense to a lot of agents out there. 

If you see any of these signs in yourself, do not take my words as a personal attack. Taking objective advice personally is a great way to stop yourself from learning. If you’re not willing to learn what your weaknesses are and work on them to become a better agent and a better person, you might as well just change careers. 

No one starts out as a great real estate agent. You have to learn, sometimes by trial and error and sometimes from people shining a spotlight on the things you need to fix or improve. If you can’t take correction, you can’t grow. 

Some of the things you might need to fix have to do with your mindset. But if you see any of the signs on this list in yourself, take this as a wake up call and an opportunity to learn something useful about yourself. Take it as an opportunity to grow. 

So, if you don’t want to be one of those agents I would 100% warn consumers about, take today’s message to heart. And do what you have to do to become a better agent.

Listen to the podcast above or click on any of the timestamps below to watch:

00:0005:18 Intro

05:18 What are agents bad at?

06:16 A bad real estate agent does these 12 things

08:09 Deep dive on #3: Has their own agenda and is pushy about it.

12:24 Deep dive on #7: Lacks marketing skills. 

16:29 Deep dive on #10: Acts as a messenger rather than guiding you through the process.

19:03 Deep dive on #11: Doesn’t ask you any questions.

20:55 Recap on all 12

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