This week on BAM Interviews, I’m talking with the President of Real Brokerage and the single best executive hire in the real estate industry in the last 15 months—Sharran Srivatsaa. It’s a conversation we had in the lobby of the Turn On Event by 1000Watt. 

Sharran packed a ton of inspiration and high-level insights into our half-hour conversation, starting with his vision for Real and why he’s all-in on showing the actual journey for the brokerage. 

Then we talk about content for the real estate industry, specifically the importance of content with accountability, and, related to that, the value of debriefing after a listing appointment. (Because Sharran still goes on those with his agents.) 

From there, the conversation turns to building rapport, branding the competition (to stand out from it), and, as Sharran puts it, “showcasing the complexity but delivering the simplicity.” 

He breaks down the CMA conversation and how he turns it into another opportunity to lean into the fear people are feeling in today’s market to highlight the value he offers

Sharran also weighs in on the idea of a Real vs. eXp debate on the BAM platform.

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0001:19 Introducing Sharran Srivatsaa

01:19 Sharran’s vision for Real

04:47 Real vs. eXp debate on the BAM platform

05:57 The days of operating behind closed doors are over

08:19 The StartUp podcast & showing the actual journey

10:07 The next 18-24 months will weed out folks with no-accountability content

13:00 The value of debriefing after a listing appointment

16:00 Building rapport and how to frame the home tour

17:47 You’ve got to brand the competition (the average agent) to stand out from it 

18:53 Sharron’s debrief: “Showcase the complexity but deliver the simplicity.”

21:07 Leaning into the fear and knowing it better than they do

25:26 CMA conversations using a highlight sheet

28:26 Real estate is a lot like Hogwarts in Harry Potter

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