Something strange happens when you get your real estate license. If you’re like most of us, you start out with this unrealistic expectation that you’ll skyrocket to success right out of the gate. 

And then…reality hits. You suck at pretty much everything you have to do as an agent. 

This is nothing new—for you or for any human. We don’t expect to be great at walking when we first start testing those legs, but we keep trying and we get better at it. Growing up, we learn all kinds of things we’re not great at when we first start practicing, whether it’s playing football or playing the flute, riding a bike, learning to drive, etcetera. 

Yet, for some reason, we get into real estate, and common sense flies out the door. And those unrealistic expectations of instant success are causing agents to fail and leave the industry

Here’s the unpleasant truth: You’re going to suck until you learn enough not to suck. But as you do the thing you suck at, you learn things, and you improve. You suck less. And your confidence grows. And that pushes you to keep learning, keep challenging yourself, and keep improving.

You gain confidence by doing the thing—creating content, making phone calls, setting appointments, and so on. 

You don’t wait to do the thing until you have confidence. That’s not how it works. 

Everyone has that little b*tch voice that tries to stop us from doing uncomfortable things. And what you need to do every day, from the moment you wake up and that voice is telling you, “You know, your alarm has a snooze button for a reason!” is tell that voice to STFU. 

Everything you want is outside your comfort zone. And you can do uncomfortable things. 

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00:0006:24 Intro 

06:24 You’re going to suck (at first) 

09:05 There is no magic bullet 

12:04 Don’t compare your journey to someone else’s 

15:09 That suck only lasts as long as you let it

15:58 Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly 

17:20 Tell your inner b*tch voice to STFU 

19:37 You have to commit first—and then figure out how to make it happen.

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