This week on the Over Ask Podcast, Steven Diaz, aka the “Rappin Realtor,” joins Matt Lionetti and The Broke Agent to discuss his explosive growth on Instagram and how it all started. 

They talk about how he produces his real estate raps, the first one that went viral and the feedback he received, and the difference in how his content performs on TikTok and YouTube. 

They also discuss his long-term plans, the original audios he creates that people are using, and how he figures out what to create next. Steven also shares how his raps have increased his agent-to-agent referrals, how he responds to those who ask to collab with him, and how he maximizes the life and virality of each video. 

The conversation wraps up with some banter and ideas for “Realtorrr” merch. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:38 Intro

01:21 “Were you trying to make it as a rapper before you got your RE license?”

04:01 Costs and the ROI of producing his rap videos

05:22 Steven’s first real estate rap—and the first one that really popped off

08:02 Cross-posting to TikTok and YouTube and the reception on those platforms

09:15 How long he plans to keep making real estate raps—and what he wants long-term

10:55 Performing at concerts and real estate conferences

12:26 “You’re creating original audios that people are using.”

13:41 How he figures out what to create next

14:30 Collab invitations

15:22 Agent-to-agent referrals and how his real estate raps have changed his business

18:12 How he maximizes the life of each video

31:06 Any negative feedback from other agents in Fresno?

34:27 “You’ve found a way to make real estate rap not cringe.”

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