You’ve heard all the stats about why you need to include video as part of your content strategy. 

Like how 73% of homeowners are more likely to list with an agent who uses video (NAR) or how listings with video receive 403% more inquiries (NAR).

But videos aren’t solely for entertainment. Creating videos helps:

  • Increase visibility: Video is a powerful tool for increasing visibility and reaching a wider audience and a larger group of potential clients. 
  • Improve engagement: Videos capture the attention of your audience and engage them in a more meaningful way. By creating compelling and informative videos, you help your audience understand your services and what sets you apart from other agents.
  • Increase credibility: By creating high-quality videos, you demonstrate your expertise and build credibility with your audience. This helps you stand out from other agents and attract new business.

With the widespread adoption of video platforms and editing software, creating and distributing videos across all social media platforms is easier than ever. 

Instead of getting hung up on creating perfect content, aim to make more than ever before. And include a variety of videos to learn what resonates most with your audience. 

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of videos real estate agents can make in 2023. 

Videos Real Estate Agents Can Make

There are several types of videos that real estate agents can make to promote their services and attract potential clients. The key is to think about what the consumer wants to see. 

Here are some video ideas for real estate agents:

#1. Property Tours

Property tours never go out of style because consumers love to see inside homes. Video tours are a great way to showcase a new listing.

While it can be exciting to see over-the-top productions of luxury properties, it doesn’t usually make sense to spend that much on listing videos. In fact, you can create a pretty incredible home tour using only these three tools. 

This fall, Taya DiCarlo produced the perfect short-form listing video with a great hook and some quick views of the property. 

Add in a couple of drone shots and trending audio in the background, and you can create a highly engaging property tour like this one from Paige Steckling

#2. Area Guides

Create a video that highlights a particular neighborhood or area that you service. This can help potential buyers or renters learn more about the community and see what it has to offer. 

Niche YouTube Channels, like Tre Serrano’s San Antonio Suburbs or Jeremey Knight’s Moving to Austin Realtor, focus on everything the local market has to offer. By creating content that covers the pros and cons of a market, consumers get a well-rounded view of the area before moving. 

#3. Q&A Videos

Q&A videos are the easiest way to get started with video. You already have questions you are asked regularly—simply record your answers and post on social media! These types of videos help educate potential clients and build trust. 

In addition, Q&A videos can be batch recorded. If you feel like you are low on time, simply block out 2-3 hours every few weeks and record as many videos as you can. Once you get started, you’ll be surprised how many you can complete in one sitting. 

Another way to go about Q&A videos is by responding to comments in your social media feeds. Glennda Baker sprinkles in these types of posts along with her batch-recorded material. 

#4. Expert Interviews

Most podcasts are simply expert interviews. As an agent speaking to buyers and sellers, think about the types of experts that will help them, such as mortgage brokers or home stagers. 

You can also conduct interviews with experts of your local market—people who have lived and worked in the area for years and have a wealth of information to share. 

The best part of creating long-form videos via expert interviews is you can then cut out short-form clips to use for YouTube Shorts, Reels, and TikTok. One 30-minute interview could lead to 5-10 clips that you can spread out over a couple of weeks. 

#5. Home buying, selling, or investing tips

Create videos for the people you want to work with, offering tips and advice for people looking to buy or sell a home or invest in real estate. 

These videos can cover topics such as the buying process, preparing a home for sale, negotiating offers, and finding the right mortgage.

Like Q&A videos, these can be batch recorded and distributed across all social media platforms. Videos with consistent branding, like Taya’s 2 Cents or Handsome Homebuyer, make these videos even more memorable. 

#6. Real estate market updates 

Everyone wants to know how the market is doing. Instead of waiting for people to ask you about it, create videos that provide updates on the local real estate market, including information on home prices, demand, and other trends.

First, decide whether you want to record market updates weekly or monthly—then block time for filming in your calendar. When recording day comes, grab data from your local MLS or a news headline that you want to break down. 

The trick with these is to make market data relatable to the average consumer. Tom Toole does an incredible job breaking down real estate news and market stats in his series Tom’s Take

#7. Green screen videos

Green screen videos are a simple way to explain a trending article or graphic and can be done using in-app tools on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. 

Green screen is perfect for when you don’t feel particularly inspired to post or are having trouble coming up with a topic to discuss. Just take the article, question, or chart that you’re using, and share your expertise (or reaction to) the subject. 

Plus, there’s the added bonus of not having to worry about what your background looks like. 

Not only do green screen videos show your expertise, but with in-app effects, they are engaging for the audience. 

#8. Behind-the-scenes 

Give potential clients a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to work with you as a real estate agent. This can help build trust and give people a sense of what to expect when working with you.

Behind-the-scenes type of content can be great for engaging Instagram Stories, but you can also create mini-vlogs or add in some humor to create unforgettable content like Dan Oneil:

#9. Local Businesses and Attractions

Create videos that highlight local events, businesses, and attractions in the area where you work. This can help potential buyers see the variety of things to do in the community.

For these videos, you can include local attractions, like where to pick apples in the fall or the neighborhood with the best holiday light display. 

By highlighting local businesses and restaurants, you can promote the best places to shop and eat while creating relationships with other entrepreneurs in the area. Katie Clancy does this with her series, What’s Good Cape Cod

Create Videos For Your Clients

Overall, the key is to create videos that are informative, engaging, and helpful to potential clients—not videos created solely to get laughs from other agents (though you can certainly throw a few of these in as well). 

By offering valuable content, you build trust and credibility with your audience and attract new business. And that’s something we all want in 2023.