You know how much I like scripts.

Well, this piece of scripting work—which I heard from super agent on our team, Steve Buzogany—is perfect for today’s market.

This scripting hack works because it makes data relatable for consumers. And once people can fully understand the housing market on an individualized level, they can make an informed decision.

Scripting Hack

Great educators and advocates explain things in a way that’s easy to understand.

So instead of telling everyone what the Fed did, and instead of spouting out numbers and getting into the weeds with real estate jargon, tell people something they will instantly connect to and understand.

In today’s market, you can use this simple script: It’s not Black Friday anymore.

It’s Not Black Friday Anymore

All the folks hesitant to jump into the market have been saying the same things: There’s not enough inventory. The competition’s too high. I have to waive everything.’

That sounds a lot like Black Friday shopping.

We all see the Black Friday news reports of people literally running each other over for an Xbox. They’re stampeding people for a Tickle Me Elmo, ready to kill someone for the newest video game out there. 

And we’ve also all seen buyers get ultra-competitive in the marketplace over the past 24-48 months.

But now?

It’s not Black Friday anymore.

The Market is Normalizing

In today’s market, you can actually go shopping without taking your life in your hands. I know this sounds extreme, but we’re coming out of a very intense housing market where people were doing anything to get their offers accepted. 

Now that rates have gone up, we’ve seen inventory rise. This is what buyers have been waiting for. They want to be able to have a home inspection, get an appraisal, have a mortgage contingency, and have a couple of days to think before making an offer.

Now, they have that opportunity. If I were an agent working with buyers right now, I’d tell them, It’s not Black Friday anymore.”

There are some sellers this will appeal to as well. Plenty of sellers were so nervous about finding a new home to live in after selling theirs or didn’t like the idea of having all those people come through their home in a weekend.

You can tell them the same thing. It’s not Black Friday anymore.”

Explain that it’s a normal shopping season because we’re in a normal market now.

Make Data Relatable

This line will help because this piece of scripting work clicks for consumers. It’s something they can relate to and understand. And that’s what will enable them to move forward with their decision to buy or sell.

So use this script to follow up with cold leads and let your clients know the market is normalizing. You’ll be able to connect with more people and meet them where they’re at.