Does anyone post listing videos anymore? Nowadays, it seems like agents care more about racking up views to some trending audio than they do about selling real estate. 

Or, if they do post listing videos, it’s one of two extremes. They are either hurling themselves out of a helicopter dressed as sasquatch to “go viral,” or they are posting that horizontal, generic slideshow that lulls the audience to sleep. 

In a vertical video world of short attention spans and scroll-by culture (a term I just made up), it’s becoming harder and harder to promote listings through algorithms that will surely punish you for doing so.

But I recently came across a Coming Soon Video from Taya Dicarlo that I believe has THE PERFECT formula for short-form listing success.

Watch it, and then I’ll explain why it’s so good.


First thing I noticed was the hook. Visually and verbally. For about half a second, all you see is the front of the house, and then boom, out pops Taya. 

But she doesn’t arrive on a snow leopard or do anything insane. She walks out of the entrance in a classy way and immediately drops her verbal hook:

My newest listing has its own handle: The Blanco Bungalow.

Side note: creating a handle for your listing could be an entirely new, unique way to market your listings. Think about how cool that could be. A living Instagram passed on from owner to owner…showing the updates of the house and the renovations and how it evolves over time. Not a bad idea, right?

Anyway, the second thing I noticed about the hook was the music. I don’t know how else to say it without sounding cringe AF, but it’s the vibiest song of all time. It perfectly matches the trendy, beachy bungalow lifestyle that the house offers. 

For a quick recap, we have a great visual hook with the house and an action shot from Taya, a great verbal hook with the quick-hitting mystery of the handle, and a great audio hook with that song that won’t stop playing in my head. You have won my attention and I WILL be watching the rest of the video. 


Now, we immediately move on to the actual house. Again, no fluff; just straight into it. You get six shots in total, for about one and a half seconds a piece moving from the inside to what looks like a charming (yes, I said charming) outdoor area. 

The shots are like one big tease, showing you enough to “get it,” but it leaves you wanting more. What do the bedrooms look like? How big is it? What’s the price? What the hell is this song?! 

Just as you’re getting a feel for the house, it cuts back to Taya, where she sits comfortably in a backyard chair and delivers her final, brilliant line.

This amazing home is coming soon, but if you want more details, shoot me a DM.

Now, you might be thinking, “What the hell is so BRILLIANT about that?” I’ll tell you! It’s a simple call to action that isn’t for a vanity metric. She’s not begging for engagement with a “guess the price” CTA or a “comment what you like about this home.” It’s getting straight to the point of the goal of the video, which is to sell the house. If you want more details, you will DM her. 

By the way, DMs are the most intimate, powerful form of communication on Instagram. So this will drive engagement on her account and blow up her other videos as they get shown more on people’s feeds. 

Most importantly, she is getting prospects directly reaching out to her. She can now get their email (where she can send you more details) or phone number and start learning about these people who reached out to her. Likes, comments, and views are great, but the real connection goes down the DM. 


Taya’s caption is also a 10/10. Short and simple. She says when the listing is going live, she tags the house, and she has the perfect hashtags specific to the post, the location, her brokerage, and the style of the house. This will help with searchability and discovery. The thumbnail is also great, truly making this a work of art.


As we know, a listing video will usually perform worse than a skit or a trend because it’s market-specific and budget specific. A realtor in Ohio might not care about a listing in California, but they would watch one of her funny videos.

But, as of writing this, the listing video has over 1,400 likes, almost 100 comments, and over 21,000 views. In fact, it outperformed a lot of her recent videos that were more educational or humor based. 

I know this sounds like I’m unnecessarily drooling over something so simple, but as a marketing nerd, I think it’s really cool to see a listing video without any gimmicks get this much engagement. It just has so many little details working in sync. Taya, I applaud you, and I know this wasn’t an accident because I’ve seen how deliberate you are with your content. 

Agents, I think the formula she used in this can work for you too!

Listing Video Formula

Here’s the simplified formula:

  1. Hook: Say something intriguing about the house, like a special feature or interesting fact, without introducing yourself.
  2. Quick shots of the house, maybe ten seconds. Don’t give too much away.
  3. Call to action: Tell them how to get the details, preferably to DM.
  4. Icing: Overlay audio that matches the vibe of the house.