This week in BAM (October 16–20) brings four recaps for Week 1 of the Sitzer/Burnett trial, with the first day devoted almost entirely to jury selection—reducing a pool of around 80 candidates to a panel of nine, one of which was dismissed on Thursday afternoon.

We also covered some new homeownership initiatives from the Biden-Harris administration, internet drama over a Barbara Corcoran IG Reel, the world’s longest open house, a business planning webinar recap, and Meta Verified for business accounts.

BAM Creators also shared their top strategies for clearing bottlenecks in their business, adding over a hundred referral emails to their database in one day, and mastering Instagram engagement. 

News You May Have Missed

First up is Week One of the long-awaited trial for the Sitzer/Burnett class action lawsuit. Day One was mainly about jury selection, whittling down a pool of around 80 candidates to a panel of nine jurors. The first to be dismissed were Missouri homeowners who had sold a home between 2015 and 2022. 

Day Two focused on opening remarks and testimonies from Gary Keller, Gino Blefari, and Bob Goldberg. On Day Three, lead attorney for the plaintiffs, Michael Ketchmark, used training scripts and presentation slides to show instances where the defendants violated their own antitrust policies. Four plaintiffs took the stand on Day Four to share their experiences with the home selling process and specifically the reasons they take issue with NAR’s Participation Rule. 

In related news, an IG Reel by Estate Media featured a clip of a tense conversation between Million Dollar Listing LA’s Josh Flagg and Michael Ketchmark:

Next up are some new homeownership initiatives from the Biden-Harris administration, which focus almost exclusively on making homeownership more affordable for low-income and minority borrowers. A letter from the White House also detailed two proposals that Congress would have to approve, one of which earmarks $16 billion toward the construction and renovation of 400,000 homes. 

Finally, Barbara Corcoran made some waves with an IG Reel where she said now is the “very best time” to buy a house

Agent Tactics

First up in agent tactics was a recap for a business planning webinar hosted the previous week by Byron Lazine and Tom Toole. 

Next is the “World’s Longest Open House,” which highlights North Dakota agent Kyle Olson’s 64-hour open house marathon. Olson hosted the event not just to showcase his client’s home but also to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research. 

Tom Toole also shared what he does to overcome bottlenecks in his real estate business to eliminate congestion and speed up growth. 

Agent Marketing

This week in agent marketing, new BAM Creator and regular contributor Lindsey Jo revealed how she added 142 referral emails to her her database in one day. 

And you can now get your business Meta Verified. The benefits go beyond the blue checkmark to include imposter protection, better account security, and insider access to the Instagram helpdesk. 

And last but definitely not least, BAM Creator Haley Ingram of Coffee & Contracts shared seven tips for real estate agents to help you master Instagram engagement

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