When you start something like The Broke Agent or BAM, there are a lot of people who want to get involved. 

Most of them don’t know how to go about it.

The majority of the DMs I get on The Broke Agent account are random collab invites or agents just straight-up asking me to re-share their posts. They see the brand as a useful vessel to get their content more exposure, and their first step is an immediate ask. This strategy is mostly ineffective because it just feels like a favor for someone I have no connection with.

Then, there are people like Lindsey Jo, who provide non-stop value to the brand without asking for anything in return. 

Who is Lindsey Jo?

For those of you who don’t know Lindsey Jo, she’s a DC-area real estate agent who also happens to be a digital marketing savant. In the last 120 days, she’s built an email list of referral partners to over 1,000 people through downloadable guides, giveaways, and webinars. But I first came across her from viral videos like this: 

Now, Lindsey Jo is not just one of those agents posting funny videos for views. Since getting to know her over a year ago, I’ve watched her evolve into her own personal media company. Her content includes useful marketing tips for other agents, empowering articles, a private podcast, and even in-person events. While building the “Sell It With Social” brand with Kat Massetti, she’s also been a straight-up warrior for BAM.

Almost every day I can expect a new connection or idea through Lindsey Jo. She’s either introducing me to new content creators, giving me email-grab ideas, or offering her services to help plan events and promote our content. 

She’s truly selfless and has genuine intentions to help BAM grow and to empower other female agents to be as authentic as possible. For the past six months, she has provided us with weekly blogs and appearances on the Walk Thru at a moment’s notice. 

Officially a BAM Creator: What to Expect

Today, that ENDS because we want to make it official and provide a platform for the person who has provided us so much value. Today, we are announcing that Lindsey Jo has officially become a BAM Creator! 

At BAM, Lindsey Jo will continue her weekly articles and will be collabing with us on ebooks, guides, trainings in BAMx, and hopefully events! I couldn’t be more excited to have Lindsey officially be a part of BAM and to bring some much-needed female energy to our roster of talented Creators. 

Now, this wouldn’t be a Lindsey Jo article unless we provided immediate value. So, here is her guide on how she got 1,000 emails in 120 days.