Have you ever been on a showing and said something to somebody—then by the time you got home, you forgot what it was? Have you ever gone to a listing appointment and told someone a price for their home and totally spaced on it when it was time to enter notes? 

This has happened to me; it happens to everybody. There’s no judgment here. 

Real estate agents suck at taking notes. There is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to keeping an up-to-date CRM. Salespeople need detailed notes so they can convert at a higher rate and remember what they actually told people during conversations.  

I’m going to share a note-taking hack that you can use on your phone—with no typing—to make sure you have detailed notes in your CRM. 

Download the app for your CRM

Imagine you’re at a showing, your buyer tells you something important, and you don’t want to forget it. It’s quick and easy to store those notes in your CRM without typing it all in. 

But first, you need to download the app for your CRM. If you don’t already have it on your phone, download it now. 

Record and Save

Now, when you have notes you want to save, open the app to your CRM on your phone. 

Just open it up, pull up the contact, and click on the option to add a note or log a conversation.  Depending on your CRM, this may look different in different apps (we use Boomtown). 

From there, select the option to do a voice recording (with Boomtown, it’s a microphone icon at the bottom right-hand corner. Simply hit that button, start talking into the phone and dictate what happened. 

Important note: Make sure you hit the save button. It will put the voice recording right into the contact record.

Use this hack to avoid costly mistakes

This is much more efficient than typing notes on your phone while trying to get somewhere else or go home to see your family.  And it will save you the mistake of, Man, I forgot what price I told the seller, or, What did the buyer tell me they wanted to offer, and how do I ask him again without looking like an idiot?

This happens all the time. And the lack of note-taking can cause you to look like you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Voice dictating notes into your CRM will save you from that. You’ll have all your notes organized in your CRM, and you’re going to remember important conversations now. 

It’s simple. It’s easy. The question is, are you actually going to do it?