Ever felt like you’re stuck in a content rut? Been there, done that. 

For the longest time, I’ve avoided showcasing my real estate wins online. There’s just so much of that hustle-and-grind culture saturating the real estate scene. Yet, even though I wasn’t posting what we normally see online, I started to develop a bit of a reputation as an influencer.

In addition, I was convinced that nobody wanted to see real estate content from me. I thought my audience would absolutely tune out if I posted about it. But Eric, The Broke Agent, pushed me to showcase more real estate content because we always want to be evolving. We never want to get stuck in one type of content bucket. I knew he was right, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that my audience wouldn’t be interested because they were so used to one type of content.

It’s also personal for me. I was struggling quite a bit when my mom was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s a few years ago. I remember scrolling through social media, feeling really sad. It seemed like all I saw were Realtors showcasing their wins online, and I felt completely alone—like I couldn’t reach out to any of them for help. That experience made me realize how important it is to be the kind of Realtor I needed during tough times and to let other agents know they can come to me if they’re struggling. So, that’s the type of content I started to focus on: content that showed the vulnerable side of being an agent. 

The Poll That Shocked Me

I worried that switching up my content to showcase more real estate wins might make other agents think I wasn’t there for them anymore. And what I’m about to say might ruffle some feathers—but I don’t care about making money from social media. What I care about most is being there for other agents who might need me. That’s where my true passion lies.

I was talking to my good friend Katie Day about all of this, and she said something really profound. She told me that my audience would follow me and love me no matter what I did online. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that maybe I wasn’t setting the best example for my audience by not posting real estate content. Although I want agents to come to me if they are struggling, I also really want to be a good example.

So before doing anything, I made a point to consult my audience first. I threw up a poll on my Instagram story and asked them if they wanted more real estate content from me. I was convinced people only cared about what I was already posting. And honestly, I just wanted to screenshot the poll results and send them to Katie, saying, “Look, no one’s interested in real estate content from me. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing.” 

But I was shocked because over 97% of respondents said they wanted to see more real estate content. It was really eye-opening for me because, as I mentioned, I was convinced they didn’t want that from me.

Adding Real Estate Content That Fits My Style

Since that poll, I’ve been on a mission to evolve and share more real estate content. But I’m doing it in a way that stays true to my brand and still feels like storytelling.

I recently shared a video of a closing with buyers who had a three-year-old dog named Sebastian. He’d spent his whole life in a condo without a backyard, and now, his new home had five acres. I decided to tell the story from the dog’s perspective and went all out by hiring a child actor for the voiceover. (This was only $40 on a site called Fiverr.) I saw this as a way to showcase social proof of closing deals on social media while still staying authentic, creative, and true to my brand.

4 Benefits of Showcasing Real Estate Content

So why do all of this?

Number one: You get to craft a truly special moment for your clients. I’ll be honest—I definitely love the attention that comes from social media, so it’s tough for me not to be in these videos. 

Deep down, I know that the client matters more than I do. And let me tell you, the content becomes so much more meaningful when it’s all about them. You’re giving them a gift they’ll cherish forever, far more memorable than any branded cutting board or tumbler. It’s a unique moment they’ll remember forever.

Number two: I also know that clients are more likely to share this video with their friends to announce their move. It’s a fantastic way to spread the word about your real estate services because as your clients share these special videos, anyone who sees them will inevitably ask who created such a heartfelt piece. And guess what? They’ll proudly say it was their real estate agent. So, you’re sparking conversations about your real estate career without even trying.

Number three: You can utilize the Collab feature on Instagram to reach your clients’ audience. It’s a great way to get in front of all their friends and family. Plus, they’re more likely to accept the Collab if you, as the real estate agent, aren’t in the video.

Number four: You can leverage this video to convert current leads and send it out to past clients. I’ve personally sent it to a bunch of my past clients and current leads I’m looking to convert because I know they’re dog lovers. This continues to humanize you and develop a bond with your clients beyond real estate.

So, here’s the takeaway: don’t be afraid to shake things up. Your audience loves you for you, and they will follow you even if you switch up your content. We should always be evolving in our content. We never want to get stuck in one type of content bucket. Evolving equals growth. So keep it real, fun, authentic and watch the magic happen.