Want to know what sort of content your audience actually wants to see? Ask them.

This week I was inspired by BAM Creators, Dan Oneil and Lindsey Jo on a tactic they both shared on recent Walk Thru episodes.

They polled their audiences on Instagram and asked what they wanted to see more of.

Here is a screenshot of what Lindsey Jo posted: 

Source: Lindsey Jo

Lindsey was convinced her audience wanted to see one type of content but was surprised by the results. She listened to her audience’s feedback and has been posting way more real estate content…and it’s absolutely crushing.

Testing Out an Audience Poll

This week I decided to try this out myself and posted a video to the BAM Instagram asking our audience what they want to see more of and less of.

First, do you notice anything about this video? (Besides the subliminal, crude joke on the notepad to drive more comments and add humor?) I used the new Alex Hormozi style that I mentioned last week where I went front-facing camera, no editing, no B-Roll, one take. It was one of our best performing Reels this week. Raw and authentic content moving forward from me.

Second, I polled the audience and asked them what they wanted to see from our account. I gave them four options: housing data, industry news, marketing tips, and agent tactics. I asked them to give me their thoughts in the comments and purposefully did not use the “poll” feature in the caption because I wanted people to go into detail and provide context.

I got great feedback in the comments with a lot of people saying they liked the variety and to keep the status quo. The most popular options seemed to be two and four, meaning industry news and agent tactics. 

Source: BAM

Benefits of Asking Your Audience

Here’s what I like about this process:

  1. It gives you great insight and allows you to focus and shift your attention to the content your audience really wants to see.
  2. It shows humility. Asking for help and feedback shows a vulnerability that followers appreciate.
  3. It breaks down the fourth wall. When you talk directly to the audience it humanizes your account and establishes a deeper, more meaningful connection with your audience.
  4. It makes the audience feel more involved in your content. Now that they participated in a poll, they will be consciously looking out for your posts more and feel like they are a part of the journey.
  5. Straight up, these posts get great engagement. Anytime you ask the audience for their opinion where they can actually influence the direction of something, they will participate.

How Can Agents Do This?

You can do this in your IG stories with the “Poll” feature, you can do it on an IG Live, or you can do it with a post in your feed. I think a video post in the feed is best because it’s content and it’s fun for other people to publicly see what each other thinks. 

Some options to include in your poll:

You can say something like, “What do you want to see more of?”

  • Property Tours
  • Market Updates/Housing Data
  • Behind the scenes
  • Neighborhood spotlights
  • Home Buying & Selling Tips
  • Client stories
  • Personal Hobbies/Family

I recommend only giving two to four options at once because if you give them too many, they will get analysis paralysis and not respond. 

We broke down this strategy on this week’s Walk Thru along with the three E’s of content and Meta’s new tiered verification badges. Highly recommend watching.

Getting direct feedback from your audience is one of the most valuable things you can do. You may be surprised by what they really want to see, and it will probably help you open up an entire new content bucket that you might have ignored completely.

Have a great weekend.