Are you sending direct mail? If you’re not, you should.

The Mistake Agents Make with Direct Mail

Filling people’s mailboxes with postcards that say “Just Sold” or “Just Listed” with the name of your business is like an oversized business card—and they will not get you the results you want. 

Most people won’t care that you sold someone else’s home. Some might care if it’s a house in their neighborhood and they want to know what it sold for. 

But why should they contact you if all you’re telling them is you sold a house? 

All you’ve shown them with a postcard like that is you’re willing to spend a chunk of money on an opportunity to brag to everyone in the area about a home sale that, for all anyone knows, netted the seller far less than another agent could have gotten for it.

This is not the way to stand out as a real estate agent. But there is a way to use direct mail to leave a positive, lasting impression on the homeowners in your area. 

And I’ve got a template that can help you do just that.

A Postcard that Converts

Long gone are the days when it seemed like a good idea to send braggadocious “Just Closed” postcards that cost so much money but that don’t actually convey any meaningful message.

Another thing they don’t do all that well…is convert. For that, you need a different approach.  

Instead of sharing something that just tells people you sold someone’s house for more than the listing price, share analytics and a compelling storyline that conveys to a consumer everything you did to make the sale happen and overdeliver for the seller. 

The example and template I’m sharing today show a compilation of all the analytics, all the content marketing we did and how it performed, as well as the offers and the launch. All these things are high-level proof that communicates what we did to make that sale. 

And the template you’re about to see does this far more effectively than some flashy postcard with the words “Just Closed.”

You don’t want your marketing to tell everyone you’re more interested in showing off your latest sale than in educating the buyers and sellers in your market. 

That’s not to say nobody cares that you sold a home. But without context, what are the words ‘Just Closed” supposed to mean to them, anyway? And why should they care that you sold a home if they don’t see moving or buying their first home as a possibility for them

Direct mail is not dead. But the way you’re using it could be pushing people away from your business rather than making them curious about it. Let’s change that. 

Click here to download our free “Just Closed” template. And if you’re not sure what to do with the QR code, I’ve got you covered there, too!